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Sound Bass in there and then we'd good. Toward. Myself I'll record myself lighting it and then send everybody the video of it. What does sound breath consists of just looping of somebody being like Oh you're muted you the smell. Do you want me do my singing bowl right now. No no no. Well, let's instead of staying at the same time. We either sing the praises or in maybe some of our case is perhaps malign the one and only character. That is Mr Guy. Fieri. On today's episode beyond top chef we brought it up last week. When we did our potluck, we knew we couldn't do that without Haley. Straw, on Paulo. Return. You are one of the biggest guy theory fans that I have ever known and I think in preparation I know some of us have watched some of his work some of us have certain thoughts about his work, but I feel like Hailey, the resident. Guy Expert here I would love to hear like when you started. Watching him and what you love about him through the years because he's been on TV for like. Going onto decades right now. Yeah. I wouldn't say a day one fan. I didn't watch on Food Network Star or anything. But I'd say. It started up about ten years ago at this point and I I feel a feel like I've gone through the flows of Guy Theory, Phantom I've always remained true as a fan. And you know. There was a period in time where people were Anti Guy Fieri and now we're kind of coming.

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