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Ooh embodiment exactly. And it's just a nice set. You know it's very savvy very woodsy very warm and i think it's very helpful when you use the bathroom. That thinks perfect anytime people come in there. They're like yeah. This is nice because they can fart and get away with it because and that's another thing too like a lot of people are insecure about using people's bathrooms. And you know maybe after to number two especially when you're relationships and or even friends when they come over people feel very weird about cents and what. There's you know so. I love having a diffuser. Always have that weighs like go ahead. Do you think people need to the bathroom and has a built in sent. Oh my god just be like damn. You ain't even what if i wanted to give free heat in You can't even though poop. Shame does exactly what i'm doing. You ought to be of yourself first of all shicho own. Goddamn how fucking house aside and you wanna let it all drop down because you i for the weekend. Thirty three days backed up or do it. Everybody else doing go somewhere and use the bat through saying in a hotel used the lobby bathroom to the room. Stank it all up or down across the hall. Can't get no good vendors. Shitting is backed up there but stink. That's gonna make it. She got things to handle. We grown up. You know. I feel like you know. Do what you gotta do to be ready. That's it that. That's why i'm very happy. We good over here. Say yes hygiene is very thank me and my household we should be hygienic. Thank you but i just wanted to bring some awareness to that conversation about how sent and memory and emotions and even you know tied into scheduling your day. What you want your data feel like all those things tie in together really seamlessly so i was wondering if people had ever taken the time to see like maybe it's a subconscious unconscious thing where you're like. Oh yeah. I never really realized that i do have these relationships different sense throughout the day. They don't realize they state. I mean that our state. Jesus thanks thank you friend zone so that it today. Fuck acid apothecary. Get get you need. Ain't no reason for you to be smelling like they walk around smelling like a barn. No reason for that barn burns and noble say with him off like a by look at barnes and noble well and Even what's going on in the world self care is vital..

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