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Do real organic reviews right. But what i would do and what i've done i'm shopping for right now. Is funny actually talking about this. I'm shopping for a cold email. Agency i wanna. I wanna get better at cold email. We don't do it very well. Somebody out there knows you know. Something can prove it to reach out to me but in shopping Agency one of the things. That i ask them. How do you step to date. How do you know what major changes are. We've got iowa's fifteen that's about strapped is going to change the way that e mails delivered. Who are thought leaders that you listen to. Where do you go to get educated and that should roll right off the tip of their tongue. If somebody's act. I mean our listeners are really good examples. Y'all at the tip of the spear most people don't invest in themselves this way. Most people get the job. Gets a gig. Started the company and then rest on their laurels. I think that that's a pareto driven truth. I think eighty percent of people not they know in. That's about as far as they're gonna go with. And then you get the twenty percent. They're actually willing to invest and continue education. And if somebody would ask you know regardless of what you do. Dr laura plummer. Hey how do you stay up to date. You're gonna have an answer for that. Oh man i followed. Listen to this podcast. Watch this show. I read this book. This is my favorite author. It shouldn't be a difficult conversation. I don't think it needs to be formalized but you wanna make sure that they're properly qualified and for me qualification needs education especially in this space where things are changing. I opened up google's newsfeed today and they just announced new identity attributes that are going to change the way that we i mean every frigging week. I'm shooting a video about all the updates and changes the youtube. It's difficult to point where you go to get that information. If you actually go to get that information your.

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