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So all people Bill Moore who's a comedian. And most of his friends at comedians, as well as a commentator said this yesterday, another network, and I wholeheartedly agree and possibly comedians have been hurt by this culture that we're in right now more than anybody else. Cut thirty eight a lot of this far left political correctness is a cancer on progressivism. I think when you when you talk to, to Trump supporters, they're not blind to his myriad flaws, but. One thing they always say is he's not politically correct. I don't think you can underestimate overestimate how much people have been choking on political correctness and hate it. The vast majority of liberals in this country hate it. They think political correctness has gone way too far no-one likes to be living on eggshells. So if we agree to that, and I'm being presumptuous, if we agree that political correctness is is so bad. How do we get out of it? Well, I think, you know, part of the way that it starts is people decline. I think, really good example. Ralph north in Virginia. Yep. so here's ralph northern virginia where it is assumed that at the first that because there was a picture of clansmen and a guy in black face in his on the on his page and his medical school yearbook he was done and every said he's got to resign he's got to go and he declined and said i won't and outrage machine churn for a while longer and it was there but as time went by pretty soon and then pretty soon people took a survey in virginia and even among african american voters in virginia people said now it's like as the great philosopher whitney houston said it's not right but it's okay and that was thirty five years ago and moving on and i think north lesson for a lot of people in public life in politics there are two things that people do that deserve the total a program to be exiled to be shunned to be made a pariah that is appropriate for some things that's how you preserve civilization but we ended up we're sort of now in the position On this stuff where France was after the revolution. Right. The, the no, no, no, no. I'm serious. The tyranny of the mob, is so great. And every. Smart societies. Smart, people smart cultures, are able to understand that things are different. Right. It's different for Joe Biden to smell somebody's hair than it is for someone to commit a sexual assault. These are different things, and being able to determine the difference between things is the Mark of a sophisticated and advanced culture and we're getting less sophisticated and less advanced because we are. We are allowing, we've become moral imbeciles, because we are allowing the mob to rule, Brian Kilmeade, weekdays six AM to nine AM on one zero one point five, FM, seven twenty AM K D, w win the talk of Las Vegas. One o one five seven twenty eight K, Don, not talk of Las Vegas. Yeah. Talking a little big ten football one, little John cougar Mellencamp in their Johnny staying with the theme there. We're on the western half of the big ten just talked about the Minnesota golden gophers. And now what the two guys that are here with me are both looking forward to Nebraska, Scott frost and his second year Danny Burke. That's his alma Mata and mega lock. Sounds like he's got a little interest. There in Nebraska, Chris. Is that a place that you've you've you've gone to or that's a team that you support? Tell you the truth. Yeah, I mean well, first of all, on my main Miami hurricanes fan. So obviously, they've had some battles when I was growing up my Nebraska and Miami were pretty prominent teams back in the day. But I got the opportunity to go to the college World Series last year. Nebraska absolutely loved it. And so, I want, I've got a tour of Nebraska football civilities caught a bunch of baseball games. And I just thought I had a great time somebody going back. And I made sure I brought home some deer. So I got some Creighton gear and some Nebraska stuff. So there you go. I wanna go bad. We gotta go. I think we should both go back with Danny when he goes to a game. So we can just go right down there on the field. But something about watching the reds departing of the Red Sea there. Man. I mean it's unbelievable. There's two fan bases that we're read that are just like that. The Saint Louis cardinals who Danny hates because he's a cubs fan. But the boys from Lincoln, I mean, even when Nebraska's down, it's still the only game in town and those fans are loyal and they are excited now because one of their own that won national titles. Scott frost. Back left a central Florida job, where he had a great returning class coming back. But he handed off the baton to Josh hypol- and moved on Adrian Martinez comes off dynamic season. Seventeen touchdowns eight interceptions. He rushed for eight more got four and a half yards a carry in that includes a sack yardage. So pretty good problems in the backfield, though, with MAURICE Washington Dietrich mills could be the heir apparent now the offense of line, they bring both good tackles back and camp Juergens, who was recruited as tight end. Looks like he's going to start at center. They said this guy looks like he's played centers whole life. JD Spielman, did not go to the NFL draft. That is good news for the receiving core Kate Warner, if he could stay healthy. This guy's got a big upside tight end Jack stall, very solid. They were minus three in the sack department on the defensive side of the ball guy got been still who had five sacks then Carlos Khalil Davis pretty good guys on the defensive line coming back as well. Linebacker Mohammed Barrie had one hundred and twelve tackles to lead that defense and then Jackson and Bootle, too. Solid corners. Minus tuna turnover department Danny, this is your alma mater. Tell me about Nebraska. All right. So obviously, I'm riding high that I on the team. I think I made that pretty evident so far four eight last year. But let's keep in mind. Scott frost what happened in a second year at UCF obviously, that's not gonna happen. Let's be realistic for the second thoughts, but they do have the potential, they have a great upside the season, they can only go up like you said, too big names. They lost Stanley Morgan junior just an outstanding receiver and Divino Viggo a guy who just battled his way up and down all four years. And finally got his chance to shine last year over a thousand yards rushing, just an absolute stud. So like you said, in the backfield, there's been some issues, marines Washington. He's, he's gotten into some trouble with TV video with a certain girl, and you can look up the story and go into later but then while he's already on probation. I just mentioned to you. He got caught with Weeden Lincoln, too, so in Lincoln. Right. So he's a California guy probably gets a ticket if he's in Kellyanne. Back in the day. If your football player, you know, look to the side, but, you know, social media people being able to find out more easily. They take it more seriously frost is one of those guys that's like look is football season. You know, if you're if you're a member of this team because I'm here to turn this out at my alma mater around. Look, you know, I don't have time for it, man. If you're gonna do it after the season or whatever after you leave your that's one thing, but on my watch. If you wanna play for the huskers, now we're tired of the black skirts stuff. We want to go back to the black shirts defense back where needs to be, so that's the big question everyone's waiting for to what's going to happen with, where's, where's Scott frost gonna set the tolerance bar. So we'll see with that, and then we'll deal Robertson, the highly touted recruits, switch from Kentucky tuna Brassica. He's, he's kind compared to a Rondell more as type player. He got caught with weed as well too. So we'll see if he'll be suspended probably for a couple of games those first non conference games. But yeah, the wide receiving corps, JD spill just an absolute stud. He gets compared to tyreek hill lot. He has that kind of speed and Jill. and then tied in jackson's only the really big name right now we'll see if he'll be implemented big time in the offense offense of line you know they have some decent dudes returning they lost farmer and conrad who were big stars for that offensive line but like you said they're gonna try to move some guys round we'll really see what they can do that's going to be a big question because they were very inconsistent but when they were good man they were on and that's why does ego was really able to shine on the defensive side the big question is what's going to happen in the secondary lamar jackson he was a highly touted recruit as well has not lived up to the hype he's got a chip on his shoulder we had him on the show back link when i was there he says he's just completely set on the n._f._l. that is completely one hundred percent where he is headed that's what he has in his mind so he has a lot to prove this here to capitol brutal budel also being one of those d._b.'s and you mentioned out bury the dudes in absolute animal i mean i can't remember what team he was for big ten or even if he made it by no he was overlooked first team big ten mark my words on that one joe dome another guy who's a backer who showed up late last year that offensive line they got there Daniels transferring from Oklahoma state to complete with his brother Damian, damsels Daniels, excuse me, then the Davis brothers, like you mentioned out and Ben is tough dude as well. So I think the schedule they do have some tough games the big ones, obviously, Ohio State coming at home. I think like I said earlier, though one hundred percent cover that one. We'll see what happens up to that game if I'm confident and taking them on the money line, as well northwestern, they always play northwestern close no matter who's coaching. Who's on the team? I have so much respect for Pat FitzGerald. He just always has tough team. And they always battle against each other. And like I said, I'm pretty high Minnesota that might be EFI game as well and produced, I think we'll be tough contest as well, Wisconsin. Not that high in Wisconsin. We'll get to that. So that's why see I probably envisioned Brassica going nine in three is my prediction. I could see this team if they beat Ohio State at home mega locks. I could see this team having a chance. I know. It's crazy. But I could see them having a chance to run the table. There's not a game outside of the Ohio State game that I see them definitely losing. I mean, I think. The game apper do. Yeah. That's going to be tough. 'cause Brahms offense going to be wide open and. two years ago with tanner leeann quarterback as well but this is this a different team and cindy lars pretty good and rondell more forget there's nobody in his class i don't think in the big ten this year oh has state does not paris campbell we'll get to them and just a little bit admin going to be tough app produce going to be tough don't overlook at illinois again that's the thing with nebraska they cannot overlook anybody but you go south alabama then you're you're at home against alabama then you you go to colorado so you know new coaching staff there you should be able to.

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