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He's Vince Carter the hawks guard slash forward and joins us on the program. Vince, good morning. How are you? I'm doing well. How are you doing? I'm doing. Okay. Are you football fan? Oh, yeah. Did you ever play for him? I did I was a quarterback. Whoa. And running back and receiver quarterback wait where you're running back wide receiver and quarterback at the same time. Vince were you that good one point at one point? But mo- an a kicked extra point. And I was a snapper. In one year, but most of the quarterback as taller running back with a great idea. Decent. I mean house play varsity. And until I got a broken wrist in a in a barrel basketball game and the doctor. This is high school deductor since we had to make a decision on a sport. Because of just a lot of pounding basketball. Of course, they have football because what football is going to do to me and may decision. I think you did too. But I think you'd be great on blocking extra points and field goals. I'd think oh for sure that's a amid a living out of that to everywhere. Man back in the day. In fact, as young young, Vince. I was around the field of playing defense. Back there. Yeah. You know is one of those things pop one football was or does things you get as many athletes as you could just teach them a bunch of positions. Obviously as you get older, you kind of fall in place to a position that is comfortable or that that works with your Europe, Bility's and. Over the quarterback position is something. I did that plays. What's the most point scored in high school? Basketball. Yeah. Fifty three quarters in that's eight minute quarters. Isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. But when you see something like Klay Thompson the other night like how many points? Do you think he coulda had if if they just said, you know, what just go go get him? Clay. He was probably paste it to put up a little better eighty point. I think it could. I mean, like I say he could be more because the way he was shooting three point shot. It was like shooting mid range to. You know what I'm saying? It was just amazing. But who do you think would be the warrior if I said you gotta pick one to get eighty in a game. Ooh. I mean you have to give declare right now. Because he has a record. He gets the first night. What was more impressive? The only reason. Why Bill that's what I'm gonna say that now 'cause Steph is definitely capable. But we have to take right now the record and he doesn't have the ball for. I mean, everything is catching shoot it put me directly. He doesn't feel very long, and it's impressive. He doesn't need. A lot of triples to kind of get a shot is just if I see a clean, look, let it go. It's impressive. What's what what's more impressive? Do you? Kobe ending his career with sixty or Kobe putting up eighty one on Toronto. Oh, she's. Some if you're gonna go out and injure career. You know, he maybe he said, I'm gonna go get sixty tonight. Doesn't matter who it is. I don't care how good the defender is. I'm getting sixty on my last game. That's amazing. Eighty one is amazing. In itself. But I think when you going out with sixty. On your last game. Aren't good? Do you think the hawks would let you go out like that? Vince. It's it's you know, they weren't going to the playoffs. The lakers. It just depends on what the situation looks like in. If I'm in a rhythm. If it is like that..

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