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Majors is tiger s could we haven't seen this since the domination of of, of Gulf from Tiger Woods? And uneven four eight was good. So this is a stopped of something very special three out the full courses that he has one on Belle Reeve best page on the air Nils was setup in a way to say that, that type of goals the power game, and he's obviously the most powerful player out that what have been very interesting from now on, is that, of course, we will not back. Is that if he wins? Pebble beach. Then we will stand up and take note, not as, if not already don't get me wrong for eighth grade if he can win at Pebble Beach, which is a very different type of test to the power game they'd civil intricate more technical. Gang, we will be taking notes very much. So this'll be the start of something very, very special if if, if they can win Hebel beach. I love the I love Scott Jackson. I love every thing about it. Colin Montgomerie never won a major. He won many, many tournaments. On the European tour to take a pause. Why do you have a piece of Kleenex Chevy your nose you a bloody nose nowadays? I just started going does. Yeah. You literally got so beat up by the script that you're bleeding from the nose that you will, you took on your cell, and now you have a bloody nose. The script is really beat me up today. TK is heavy trains. Reality. He's at the podium, and why is there constantly blood coming out of your orifices on the show, your mouth of you weeks? Kill your your is next week. Don't they'll get the bolo? Please be careful. Are you? Okay. Yeah. Okay. It's going to power through. But, you know, I hope stews not the reason for all this bleeding. Rick's for the bleeding, to I apologize. American. I look at the Skype connection there in New York in LA, and there was an entire water paper towel. Just shoved up, traces knows. It's very, very distracting, Gumri, whatever was talking about as Pebble Beach, so difficult for those who haven't been out to Pebble Beach one. It's to me it's, it's the greatest vista that you have here in America that Monterey peninsula, is something very, very unique and very special. So that's number one taking away. The vista is you will never find a championship golf course. With small green surfaces. Thousands of feet square short smaller than your rampage. Agreed never mind that is that they are rock-hard and this rough around the greens. So it's a very demanding test, which means you got to come off the fairway to hit the green. There's no way that you are going to come out the rough with. No stint on hitting these greens, atole. So it stops in a shirt and is going to save the guys that the more technical guys that can the fairways more so than is lens. It doesn't matter how you hit the bullet Pebble Beach, you. I'm not hitting the greens from the wrong. So that's the difference from the best pages or the Bill. Reeves of the hills. You could hit the greens from the wrong on this particular challenge Pebble Beach is not now you I didn't that a little bit of wind, which is normal on the Pacific Ocean. It becomes a huge test and. To win at Pebble Beach. The is something very special. It'll be a great embracing event in every way in the world, looking forward to it to see not just kept could play. But also, what Tiger Woods is going to school after leading by fifteen in two thousand that. You understand. This is a better chance to him to do well without the severity of the team. And the best pages was so very interesting to see what's going to happen. I mean it's such a it is a beautiful beautiful spot. Laurie the kids and I are I run in LA a few years ago before we moved back drove up to. Thank you, drove. All the Portland for wedding. And we just we took two weeks. And we traveled slowly in Pebble Beach is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. It was. It was awesome. It was gorgeous was amazing. By the way, is a little update on the on the body knows situation here Craig, the engineer. Nice guy was was in here doing some work. And he walked around just to see if I was full of it, I think, on trace and was like, oh, no. I mean looking as I was only I know there's a whole paper town just shoved up his left. Nostril. Stu was going on there. Can you give me like a little play by play down here? Yeah. It's a really bad scene here. I mean, some traces pants it's, it's really bad. It's he's bleeding a lot. This started. It just started like wide like four minutes ago. Five minutes ago. Like, right, when we came back from break, it's unbelievable. Are you? Can you even talking about your mom? Okay. I'm hanging in. He's. So also is come Gumri? Much like maybe the traits can relate to how much nerves play into these major tournaments. The nerves thing is, is amazing. Okay. Everybody gets nervous. Everybody wants to win and everybody gets nervous with the thing. Is that Mitra controlling it? And he seems to be controlling it extremely. Well, he truly believes that he stops off at major championship probes KEPCO but he's going to win. Now that takes away half of the so-called nerves that might be that, but it's still not because you go to beat the best place in the world at any given time, but he genuinely believes that he's going to win now that, that brings about the confidence bit and everything. And that's why tiger when he used to put on his red shirt. In the late nineties early two thousands that he truly believed he was going to win a not just hidden believing. He's going to win. But everyone else around him believed he was going to win. And this is what Bruce kept ca starting to, to, to, to put down this mental. If the is is that within the major setup right now he believes is gonna win on so do others now if he's in that position you Brooks, co one off the lead coming into couple weeks. Sunday. You know, he knows that you probably do even if you leading the is going to win. So that's that takes away the nerves. But you didn't the elements that would play at the read they would play at a page and I'm talking elements about mother.

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