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And northbound. I twenty five is already seeing delays from right around eighty four up to one hundred and fourth as police start. A rolling closure of I twenty five as the motorcade leads from about one hundred and fourth of I twenty five and makes it way up to highway sixty six elected I twenty five at highway sixty six that's where the majority of the police and fire and first responders state patrol are now gathered as they start to roll out and head for the funeral of the fallen state patrol, corporal, Dan, groves your drive. This morning is pretty heavy. You've got traffic stacked up on northbound I twenty five because that really closure and southbound I twenty five coming down from highway seven westbound boulder turnpike heavy around one hundred for church ranch. Your I seventy six drive westbound has been heavy all morning long from ninety passed to seventy past twenty-five and out to the Vada area. There was an earlier crash at Paco's that's been cleaned up. That is out of their looks like you've got a crash this morning. I actually a disabled car. Eastbound I seventy at the right at the beginning of. The havana. So that's going to slow you down. Eastbound I seventy already heavy before I twenty five way before I twenty five back toward Harlem, and that westbound I seventy drive is jammed up from tower road as you make your way into downtown heading into the tech center. Heavy traffic on southbound two to five southbound I twenty five drive from from right around Santa Fe downtown is busy to see four. Seventy yen earlier car fire eastbound at Broadway, that's been cleared. But you're still heavy and slow from Wadsworth. This report is sponsored by Walgreens looking to save on Medicare Part d switching to Walgreens may help you save on your Medicare Part d prescription Walgreens trusted says ninety two one talk to the pharmacist to learn more next update. Eight ten KOA.

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