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And i'm just so ask however oakwood uh far ballack church uh leaving the judge who i understand really yes she wanted to go from a shadow of uh par show but also come i understand that was after we have just passed away and we all ship was up in the air and who was uh talked a woody johnson or even james ball and my by the team and i guess uh from where they spent bell cheques you i had a pretty good relationship robert kraft you'd go work for them then work for new jobs a bola fair rob listen i think it's a variety of different factors my friend i appreciate the call is always est ownership and the passing away on has played a role but i think more importantly bill bella check after coaching for years on the par cells with the giants dan working again with par cells with no went on for a year than the last couple of years with any archie said you now bill is still these looming factor within the organization and he's one of these guys that says am i stan in my coach in what am i doing it was jekyll and hyde offer plus and he wanted to forge his own pat ainu at bill parcells and that relationship in oil and was over and done with between craft and poor sales the bridge had not been burned the opportunity was there and sure enough bella check want a new way to earn an even as your family have they met the best decision he probably ever made in his professional career eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six it's time to welcome off pal jeff body in queens simple ball time without giovanni word too jerry jerry what's going on.

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