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Investigators are trying to determine what caused a helicopter to crash onto the roof of a skyscraper killing the pilot. It's pretty remarkable that no one was injured or killed in this incident other than the pilot. This is a very busy section of Manhattan midtown Manhattan just a few blocks up in one avenue over from Times Square. There's a lot of people walking around a lot of people who work in this area. The building is a fifty one story building with a lot of people inside at the time and what we understand, is that there was even at least some pieces of debris that did fall from the top of the building down to the street below in an incredibly no one was hit. He sees Mark Remillard. The pilot has been identified as Tim McCormack his friends described him as highly seasoned, former NTSB investigator, Tom Hauser Shirley fierce via factor. The question is did this file of being to overfly the city did he was he higher? They should beat in the clouds and lost contact with the ground. Exactly what happened there. The clash occurred is outside. FAA. Restricted airspace. Foreign Nixon White House counsel John dean, who is a star witness during Watergate testified today before the House Judiciary committee on special counsel, Robert Muller's reported anyways, the Muller report is to President Trump. The so-called Watergate, roadmap officially titled the grand jury report and recommendation concerning transmission of evidence to the house of representatives was to president Richard Nixon in response. President Trump says dean was disbarred and went to prison government surveillance photos of international travelers and license plates were hacked as part of a cyber attack on a federal contractor, that's according to customs and border, protection, which says it's working to figure out the extent of the breach. Vermont's Republican governors. Vetoed a Bill that would have established a twenty four hour waiting period to buy handguns. You're listening to ABC news..

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