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And i saw the atms route. You actually posted the numbers for area schools and this week here playing may bank and i remember seeing the maybank was well over a thousand. I think maybank's about a thousand forty. So that's that thing that you're talking about. It seems like every single week when you play somebody we talked about it all the number one. The district was just so amazed right but in the district is bigger. That would be nice to move down. Now you'll know. In like december for sure what classification you'll be in but you won't know what district right you all know officially what district until that firstly in february Which is rearming day of. Who exactly will be in your district. You know for sure what again what division you'll be but you don't know your district until personally and there's actually a bunch of four a to size schools around us. Yes sir and you know it really is the district that we're in every other sport right now. Van canton brownsboro. Will's point with the exception of maybe those other four schools that there's a good chance we can be with them if we in indeed draw downs so it which would be nice for travel standpoint too because those schools are closer to us. All right just something. That's going on outside off the field right now. That's very important to the sports program. Not just football but everybody yes sir So we wanted to touch on that real quick all right as we move on. Let's do what we normally do. And that's the first thing we do. Is we talk about the mvp. Yeah for this week. Are with both employer This past week was grant grant grant plays more snaps than anybody else on our team. Plays both sides of the ball very very rarely comes off the field. He's been instrumental tor successful season. You know a lot of times offense. He's that age bag that really springs the run game and he's been the huge addition and this week this past week he got broke out in the passing game six catches for seventy eight yards if they some big plays on third and fourth downs and was able to get some separation Guess their site these. And then i'll play roy hord kind of the captain of the fans. He's one getting get us in our coverage of so he as the kid that man would just so glad that he's been able to. This is his first year in athens. But it doesn't feel like it the way he's trying the way he's tried to lead us and be a leader is of him. This has got how we wanted to because he he's poured his heart soul into being an athas hornet. And we're so appreciative him but he really logan's kilgore so he was our our offense than the day. Was jana crane. He had four catches for at eighty yards and again was was a leader on the offense thing was encouraging guys. Plan really hardy graded out over eighty percent. Vp was gauged friedrich at outside linebacker. Another underclassmen that you know. He's one of our captains and is always positive. Always here at work and play roy. Hord on friday. And we're excited to see him the next two years how much he continues to grow their especially. Deputy was damore uniting another underclassmen another gathers instrumental toward success this year. And also we'd go will be in the next two years to maury again played a lot on both sides of the ball. He played really well..

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