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Entertainment tonight. Absolutely you'll get a book deal and they can find your wife social media that's right and met like yeah you're GonNa get caught it's it is. It does a little bit feel like those days. The JIG is kind of on cheating general. Yeah oh I don't know I mean it. It is insane to me that people still cheat because Mike you will get caught. There's exhaustion it's it's on so exhausting. Yeah but I also I also understand why Particularly male comics cheat or any male performer. Yeah because they're not worried about safety. Yeah on the road and they're getting so much thrown at them. Yeah because yeah if it's that easy to come by as it's so easy to cheat now easier than ever but it's easier to get caught exactly but let me ask you a question because I always think about guys that cheat or people I know and I'm always like the life must no. I'm not yet I'm always like so. I mean you were cheating on I mentioned. Did you know yeah I did? And then he lied to me about it for years gasoline. You did you lie to yourself. No I think I knew that you knew in your heart of hearts. Yeah I just knew. My Gut won't need lie about other stuff. He'd lie about like small away. Do any things the way you do everything no one lies about. I'm five minutes away when they're twenty minutes away and doesn't lie about other. Shit. Yeah exactly. That's exactly what it was. And we were on and off for like years me and that guy and He he just told me that I I was like that. He would never and he didn't. And all this stuff and like it got to a point where I felt so crazy and so bad. I spent like years apologizing to him. I mean I have jokes. I've jokes in my special saying that guy never cheated on me. I just thought he jokes about being crazy in my special that just came out I APP- guy reached out to me the week before I find my special to bury the hatchet and let me apologize over and over and there were things they did that. We're not cooled where I would break up and get back together. But that's I mean not. You don't put a lot of it was like I don't trust you and your you keep lying to me about stuff and I know some going and like whatever it's there's other things involved too and I'm not like people crazy people make you feel like you're crazy right. Yeah and Nike has his own stuff and it's fine but he you know what what made me. Sanger's that he reached out before my special and I even told them I was like. I'm really sorry. I I do jokes about you in this special and I say like you've never cheated on me and all this stuff and he's like it's totally fine one hundred the bridge whatever like a month or two afterward finally admitted to cheating on me and I was like what like are. You have broken up. No a huge weekend. I had been broken up for a long time when okay. Yeah it wasn't it wasn't my fiance. It was a different guy only dated on and off for like the first four years of my twenty. Yeah Yeah so this is what you're twenty four this stuff but that guy is kind of why I mean not totally but like a little bit of why I got engage because after that guy the last guy I went out with my ex fiance like days after it was like I was like I am the next person I'm like I'm getting over this guy and then whoever date next is just I'm not putting opening should anymore and it's going to be the guy and I think I just kind of like ignored some red flag worse and you know maybe just was like this is going to be the thing and And I thought these are the things I need. And it's the opposite of dating a comedian and Blah Blah Blah and and also win. Those red flags went off in my head. I didn't trust my own gut. Oh Gosh been there. Yeah so like I and I still felt that way after I broke up with my fiance. Which is when my other ex admitted to cheating on me years ago. It made me go. Oh my God I was right to call for my wedding because I've been here before but I had been in. That like post called off engagement state going. Am I just insane crazy because I felt this way with that last guy and I think I might just be imagining with people now because they keep insisting they're not doing anything even though they're lying to me and I can see that they're not but is it just me and I also think that people like us like Comedians who have a relentless loyalty to the truth at all costs like we're not afraid of the ugly truth like we? That's you know we love it. Yeah I think it's so funny because I I grew up around the pathological lying like been in that a lot of those relationships when some it never occurs to me that someone's lying greatly. I it seriously like I don't know why anyone would like it to me like such a waste of time and energy. Sorry I agree but I think everyone's lying and also I have lied. I've done my fair share of lying. I hate the way I feel when I do. It's such an intolerable feeling of shame and it's exhausting. Which just you know would any sensitive person would feel after lying. Anyone who's not associate about that. I just like I can't imagine someone would wanna carry around a secret. Can I carry around a secrets a fulltime job? So I assume everyone's telling the truth all the time as I'm like why wouldn't it just seems it's so nineties? I assume that everyone is lying all the time and and it almost takes somebody admitting something horrible to me for me to go there. Oh they must be telling the truth that yeah but I always I always say that we ought however if you mess up just tell me because you get more points with me yes. I'll go while those really hard that you admitted it tells us that it gets and then it gets tricky. Because someone's like. Hey I cheated on you and you're like thanks for telling me it's like I know you it'll be bad but we can work through that we're a little bit in a time. Where if you do something about an apologize. It's almost you get more points if you've never done it in the first place. Yeah like that's the new thing is like but wait. You think you can get over cheating. You can work through gene I think that if somebody would depend on the obviously there sorry hang up so I think there are certain I think there are certain circumstances like if you sleep with my best friend. No but if you like if we've been together for sorry we've been casting for three hours. My dog is break. Come here come in. My dog is obsessive. Taylor you guys that I cannot get him off of her. I'm so sorry. Get over being. She didn't think he said you never never never when he does. When people's gut feel stressed out or have any kind of anxiety or he starts to. You noted I'm sure get on them is nice Here's a I think if I'd been with someone for a long time and they messed up and they came to me immediately and we're like this is what happened and they felt really bad then. I could maybe work through it because I would. It would prove. Let me save you some time. No I wouldn't Auntie Whitney coming in hot luck. Maybe you're a better person than me. Or maybe you're the generation I mean. I know people in their twenties that are fully in open relationships right. I I would never. I'm like that's new. That's a new thing. Frank come here Sarmellek so bad buddy I love you. I don't know what that is. I know people your age. Say the same thing. You're saying to me right now cannot fathom it. Maybe it's an age thing. I am so black and white about that shit because I I believe that in order to cheat it takes time to cheat. It's non you don't just go to a bar see someone in your Dick Falls in like it's it's there's texting there's flooding near I. You know what I mean like. We all know what it's how long it takes to sleep with someone or to have someone sleep with us. There's an there's no such thing as a one night slip because it always takes some kind of build up in an investment of time and energy and you had a lot of times change your mind. Yes we've got like a hooker which is a whole other thing and that's probably an Adrenalin addiction or something you know. That's more okay. Move this is going to be a polarizing take. Get out three hours in. Because if if if if you're going to be in relationship with someone who's a sex addict and that's a legitimate real addiction and urine relationships sex. I mean I know people that are in relationships sex addicts that. It's like that's cheating of course but that's almost like slipping on drugs call not easier. It's much easier to have someone slip on drugs now call but that is usually not like a choice and neurological and genetic thing so it's slightly different than someone that doesn't have an addictive personality choosing to go cheat on you and spending a lot of time and energy in it. I understand bad still bad. Here's what I say if there's money involved here's the thing. I someone who's been in that situation. Yeah I WAS NOT I. I can wrap my head around why someone did something once someone tells me. I'm like like that guy. Admitting it to me here so I decided admitting it I was I was angry about being lied to for years. That was the cover-ups worse than the crime. The fact yeah the fact that I could I could wrap my head around why he did what he did. I was like totally. I know you really well. I know why that happened. I know the circumstances but I just don't Helen together me and I go. Oh like on the time he misstep. I don't even know it was just. Here's what I'll say you're what twenty three at the time was his cheating on a tweet. That looks like you is a mentally ill person. That's an ill with their also young. Had you turned hot yet. Your turn out now okay. I was just cute. I just mean like that is to me. That's an ego thing. Not someone who just doesn't have self control because to me cheating. Forget the sexual part and having to imagine how horrific that is also just like like. You're not in control of yourself and that's not sexy them. Self Control and restraint is hot to me. Yeah I think people but I think everyone cheats on. I think everyone cheats on hot people. You're at say everyone cheats on everyone. No no no I think I think people cheat of not because they're like I want to have sex with that. I mean they cheat because they feel it's an new matter but I mean like they're bored or they feel inferior in their relationship more. They're mentally. Ill gotten bored of I mean. How long were you together? I mean it was. We hadn't been together that long and we were young yeah. I don't know we were together so many times that I don't know how many times it happened. So at that point. You've lied to me for so many years. I'm like you could be downplaying how much you cheated on and you can be lying to yourself you might not even. I mean I've I've been with someone that cheated and I'm like I am when he lied to me about like. I think you believe what you're saying. Absolutely that's the craziest part of this is is. You don't know you're lying. Yeah I think the indiscretions that you can even conjure up right now. Like are half of the story. Yes or they tell themselves that they're protecting you by not they go. What what good would it do? Tell me to tell you that would just cause you pain. It would ruin our relationship like homing you ruin it. Yeah no Scott. You've made that decision and those people don't realize I'm GONNA. I was doing a joke about that..

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