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And welcome back to coast to coast, Nathaniel Gillis is a religious demon knowledge is also an author's books called the moment called man after leaving in a haunted house. He spent twenty years researching what he encountered and he has sought to redefine the nature of haunting phenomenon ghosts and high strangeness often quoted for his concept of the demonic the reason they are playing by different rules. He says is because they're playing a different game. Then you'll Gillis here on Costa Cosell on the Faneuil. Welcome to the program. Thank you, George it as a distinct privilege to be on the program on radio. So you're a demon Allah. Just tell me what that means to someone checks to foot prints of history, and seeking what it is that they believed in and very best that into maternity. And so that's what I am. I've researched a lot and I come from the Christian tradition. And it's kind of an odd place to be as how'd you get started and studying the unusual normal. Well, began when I was eight years old, my family, moved us into house, Dayton, Ohio and was eight years old. So I had no frame of reference for what I was about to step into. But we wouldn't toured the house we're looking hang in. And my dad helped me by the hand. And he said, okay, Sanni said, this is the room that you're gonna have if we buy the house, and I just remember smelling a stench of sulfur in the room and felt heavy. And and I remember looking the bed for some reason and underneath the bed. I saw a little girl who had black hair, and she was in period clothing, and she was a white linen dress. And I didn't think anything of it, George. I really didn't. I just got back in the car and drive down the street. And I said, hey, dad said did does people. That house ever have any kids. He said, no, they were elderly couple, then I just had a hair the back of my next went popped up on you, didn't it. Oh, it did it really scared me. I mean, I, you know, like I said, I was eight years old. And I had any idea what the phenomenon of this was, and that's what really led me into because I knew I I wasn't crazy. You know? I knew I saw a little girl. And I knew that I was experienced something that was you know, by all accounts strangeness. No, use your Christian background. Did that help you or hurt you the Christian background? It it really kind of put a damper on what what I experienced. You know? I mean, it's hard to go to any pastor and evangelical community and say, hey, listen, you know, I think I saw ghost. It's just doesn't fit and but it did influence me in a sense of scholarship. You know, I mean, they gave me a lot of texts read and the allowed me the freedom to do. So. And I think all the passers that, you know, helped me along with the study, but it influenced me quite a bit. I've got the end of the Catholic church is really into exercises. I mean, they've they've added new priests to cover Xers exclusively there. They must have well over a hundred or two hundred priests to travel around the planet, just providing these Xers hot. Why is the key? I mean, you have to be Catholic to get an extra not at all. I didn't think so not why didn't why does it seem like the Catholic church is spearheading the exorcist. Phenomenon. Oh, there are a lot more educated in it to be honest with you. I mean, I I have Catholic priest friends of mine that you know, they know their stuff, and they have a history of scholarship to back their rights and rituals up. And I think that's what's lacking. I mean, you know in the Christian church, which I've been a part of the last twenty five thirty years. It's it's not very understood you understand. I mean, it's it's not very backed up. They say, you know, exercises them is simply saying, you gotta leave, you know. And but but again, like the Catholic church is just monumental in their scholarship in their freedom to research study. Now, I will say there is a schism in the Catholic church concerning their exorcists. Can I say that you sure can okay? The problem is they're finding out that a lot of these demons are not demons at all or not even interpreted his demons, but they're disencouraging spirits. And they're trying to bring in that philosophy into the exorcist movement. And once they do I believe that it'll change the scheme of what it is that we are experiencing in the tenure as you look demon allergy comparing it to other forms of I guess, what would you call it? Well, as far as -nology or dealing with a pre cognizance sent the intelligence that knows us sometimes even more than we know our selves in not only did I know that, but they have their own belief system in. That's absolutely vital. And that's why I said earlier, well you quote me earlier and saying if they're playing by different rules, it's because they're playing a different game. What do you think? Exactly. Demons might be. Well, okay. Let's go to the Hebrew tax. The first time we hear demon. It's the Hebrew words should deem and Shahidi, MS alone worded and academe Lia. They call it a they functional migratory. Word that the Hebrew was picked up from the mess. Potanin religions and battling. And it comes from the word Seydou, which was not a demon. But it was an idol. And so it's important understand that I. It would be for. It was a demon idols. And in that creates a huge problem in my mind when we approached even -nology Biblically. Now, your personal belief does that help or hurt your approach to demons? Oh, it absolutely helps does. Oh, absolutely young. I would that happen in anybody's case. It should you know? I mean, the whole goal here is not to hold tradition or sacred cows. If I can say it like that at the goal here is to use the past experiences of other humans to understand in further the research, I think that anytime it doesn't help us looking back. I don't think we've got the right glasses on knowing what you know about demons. I mean, how do you sleep at night? Well asleep very comfortably. You do. I do it's not I'm not sure I would or could really. Yeah. It's it's not as scary. I'll tell you what when you lived in a haunted house, which I'd love to get into that. We'll get into that. In the second. Sure, we you live in a haunted house, and you've seen and smelled and heard all that stuff. It's not a big deal. You know, if anything it really helps me sleep because I want to help other people who were in a position on. I was are the demons the kind of entities though, that try to possess people. What do they want? Well, they want. Well, okay. First of all, we're dealing with. I want. The demon is an unclean spirit. And I want to first of all I do believe demons exist. But I wanna focus on the fact that a lot of what we're experiencing clean spirits these entities their their morning, and they're grieving and in in what they want is to remember. And they they're going through what I call morning rituals in when they possess someone they possess someone with the intent of of of wanting what they had before which is site Mel and all that stuff. The. Spirit world is it much like the demonic world. Words more good than bad. Very good question, George, I think that the demonic world especially in the context of the unclean spirit. It's it's profoundly empty, and what these entities, especially the spirits, which focus on they they love to rehearse what they've done in the past in for them. It's a way of mourning and grieving because they're in a period of mourning in greedy. So that's why when I when I first started this research, and I watched, you know, movies, and, you know, paranormal witness survivor, and all these shows one thing, that's absolutely apparent is that, you know, if it's a bar, you know, when you have some guy named Jim who used to the cash register and he used a stack up the coins in a certain way. Well, he's still doing that. Well, that's a demon like what is deemed to step coins? Like that's kind of you know, that's kind of self Morris. That's no, he's not. But what? Jim's doing is going back to where he was then he's going in remembering and putting things back together as a way of mourning and grieving now the demons generally will also try to capture your soul. Do they want the human being to simply die or they wanna like Leon to like a parasite, and you know, let the person live miserably for years. Well, far as the demon. That's not an unclean spirit. That's not a disempowerment human being. Absolutely. I fall in line with the great Paul. No. And Benny, no. Theory that if it's not an unclean spirit. It is a parasitical entity that will that will we've had that happen. You know, we know that to be true. I mean, we've had cases where you have rabbits that die or two or three rabbits died overnight. You know in does this far as the demonic goes, which I do believe in demons. But also believe that a lot of will be called a demonic on our disaccord skirts. But yes, they will they will try to possess. They will try to take they'll try to feed in. It's absolutely vital. That we understand the game. They're playing. In how we get rid of these demons truly get rid of them where they don't come back as far as the demonic. The problem is when we see that there are certain doors that we open at least that's the tradition. K the tradition is and in every every monotheistic Abraham MC religion, the tradition is that we've done something to allow them in in every religion. Islam Christianity, Judaism has certain ways that they believe that we open ourselves up for them in. So I think that question is found in. It's a very good question. But it's founded on the understanding that we open ourselves up in certain ways to get rid of these entities. We shut ourselves down and certain ways in with every Abraham MC religion is different traditions on how to do that. Why is it in Nathaniel? When you you know. Invoked the name of Jesus the spirit generally might leave to me. That's like a religious connotation to it. It is. But again, we're dealing. Okay. Okay. This is very interesting. Now, we're getting my research. If you go onto different parts of the world like if you went to Iraq right now. And you went up to someone who was a Muslim. But had a demon in them. Their chances. Are he will not submit to the name of Jesus? The demon will do what the demon would not no in. I'll tell you what my research.

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