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Usually guys like to attack from the top janas the way that he drives. It's just so. I wanna say telegraphed but it's kinda he's only got a couple of moves there and he's usually going to have to spinner eurostep or something that develops a little bit slower and he doesn't really have the option of shooting from up there so i think it's easier for the defense to kind of load up on him and you can't you also when he's attacking from the top. You can't really have other guys up top and so then you're spacing really gets compacted with everyone else. Having to kind of be below him on the floor. So i think having attacked from the mid post area on the wing works a little bit better for him. He's able to attack baseline. They took that away but they let him get baseline a beautiful reverse and now this unser double teaming and they didn't get that much out of it. I didn't think But the i in terms of like you know great passes from honest off of those double teams but they're just finding ways for him to be more effective without turning the ball over. There's another play that janas had in the second half where he got the ball and maybe a transition situation on the left wing. Everyone was loaded up and so he drove to pass. Which guys just need to do more of generally of he just broke. The paint around the dotted line. Didn't even really look to shoot it with like that will push shot or anything. He just went across the lane. Kicked out to middleton and then middleton blue by this guy in one in the for a layup and so just those types of places to keep. The machine churning either setting guys up directly or just get the initial penetration and then kick out and is particularly with middleton and holiday having the games that they had a. I thought it looked really good. And i still have a great answer for why jaanus look so much better against the sun's then against say the nats like honda and i talked about didn't really have a great answer for why that was when the sons of more talent than the nets and better individuals to defend him but I think the other thing. We gotta talk about here is just how well holiday and milton played yet again. Yeah i mean. Holiday had a huge offensive performance. I mean we're early on. We're making a ton of jokes in discord as holiday continued to miss shots around the rim. But he ended up making a couple but also was the jump shot so in this game. Holiday was seven of eleven on junk shots when that has been a real challenge. Not just the you know the catch and shoot which have been better over. Albany made some self created ones there and this was drew's best passing game sometimes. You've said that his so. Physicists are a little bit later on calories than the other guys but he had some real value adds in game five which i thought was extremely important than of course defense thought that part of the reason milwaukee was able to have this approach of let devon booker. Get his. and we'll try to stop. Everybody else was that not all the time but much of the time drew holiday was guarding him. And so can't guarantee that he's going to rip the ball devon booker sands every time or get a deflection. Were were make the shot impossible. But you're giving yourself a fighting chance there. Whereas if that was jeff teague or if that was content or even to a lesser extent somebody like middleton then if it's it's a what we're chances accessible drew. I thought on both ends of the florida. This was i sometimes think about this and i'm not saying the box will but like when when you think about the players like game as being like the one they'll talk about on the championship video like those old vhs tapes. You and i probably used to watch every sport and this will be like drew holiday game five will probably be drew as contribution to that. Vhs if the bucks win the thing that struck out to me too particularly in the fourth quarter is just the conditioning for middleton holiday. Yeah forty four minutes again for middleton. I mean middleton. He's playing like a minimum of forty three minutes. Every single game in the playoffs now eb holiday even with the foul trouble forty two minutes in the twenty seven points and thirteen assists an jaanus going forty one minutes particularly with the physical style that he plays a on the other side by the way. Eight and going forty five minutes is also totally ridiculous And here's another part of that with the stamina of khris middleton in the final five minutes of the game. The bucks took eight shots from the field. Chris middleton took four of those eight like he not only out there for all it. He is shouldering a lot of the burden in the lake. Going so you have to have a lot of juice left in order to do that. One of the places that stuck out to me in the fourth quarter sons. Get drive the kick out to mikhail bridges in the left corner. Chris middleton runs him off. The line stays with them. Bridges pulls up for his twelve footer near the left block which exit been making pretty well in these playoffs misses it. Lopez is one on one underneath with eight and for the rebound but eaten as inside position on and chris middleton to after contesting the shot of mikhael bridges continues into the lane and get the defensive rebound taking it away from eight and just the the type of play that the bucks are just able to make a little bit more often than the sons have particularly in these last three games by the way. That was mikhail bridges only shot of the game. Let's talk triple doubles while still rare. They're happening more than ever before. And that's good news for you as an nba fan. I'm guessing you're always on.

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