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Available Ayaan on the web so that is village green by the kinks and we're excited about talking about Miss Broncos Book. Ah some for several reasons one of which is that it is a classic of English village life and we all thought it would be fun to have a little village theme today's episode so the wake is indeed a village of hands where it would is a village go onto the bad potent. What was the link with Sam Riviera's pawn. I think there's a couple of links there and I think one is that that Miss broncos book is very very much self-consciously book. You are sitting there reading roads and the other thing is just this little thing. He was talking about money and for me. One of them is moving. Parts of the book is actually actually when the market gets paid. No actually it is genuine lead tearjerking because who ever thinks about that who ever writes about whoever writes about it and actually she is just two hundred pounds. It's life changing it changes. It does because she bloody. He needs money 'cause she's. She works. It's not fair easing fairies giving you stories. I'm going to give some topics. I think this book is about village life. It's a book about books as a book about the mechanics of writing and publishing which is of course very atlas station and it's also a brilliant example example of the sort of novel republished but in the last twenty years which is we would call Middle Brow Middle middle-brow as we talked about this on the cross before is a legitimate term adopted by academia rather than I'm not being snitty by using the word Middle Brow Shelley. When did you first read this book or come across this book so I have to soften one is a direct onsite question which she's actually that I was in hotshots bookshop and I really really really wants to come to read and honestly. I wish I could remember what had happened in my life that we we all have everything happening. Our lives now that means we need to comfort read and of course you know. Booksellers are gods and this particular books that are just look. This is the key you need never ever have picked up ever and I actually loved it. Can I tell you another story can I can. I tell you how Sarah waters waters heard about Miss Bengals book she had about me sparkles book because I'm a real dickhead so basically I am really really bad around people whose work I hugely hugely admire and I'm just awful and I have just learned the I literally physically need to staying away from people because of a really bad thing I did to offer. Miller wants and I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding so I'm all I was the thing that she was at and I can't tell you how much I love her work. I mean words don't express and she was in the room and I said to the person that was wave shit. Okay don't worry I'm going to press my back against this wall and not go near her. Things will happen and after a while the person always I said I think it needs to be a bit braver and pulled me towards her and I- involuntarily curtsied bobbed much as perhaps a maid in one of her lovely books might Bob and she was absolutely charming and love issues she was writing the paying guests at the time and we were talking about all the things she'd read lally willows and stuff like that and I said Oh you must read sparkles book and she said that's fabulous. WHO's it by and I was so struck I said R L Stevenson and she kind of went from nineteen thirty four. Ah Yes thinking Kaneko yes R L Stevenson and dwayne. I think cried into some crisps Bart's. It's you were almost right because Stevenson is a second cousin of our L. Stevens here we go. I'm going to do the bio right now. Dorothy Emily Stevenson was born in Edinburgh in eighteen ninety three. She was the daughter of one of the Lighthouse Stevensons. Robert Louis was her father's father's first cousin and she lived in Scotland all her life is everything I got stage. I just had a sudden thought back keys but it's okay and she lived in Scotland all her life which is interesting when you consider that she wrote about English villages many of her books she didn't go to school but was educated by a governess started to write stories when she was eight. She applied against her parents. France wishes sat and passed the entrance exams for Oxford University and was offered a place but her parents for better to go fearing university degree was an unforgivable unforgivable deterrent potential suitors so you certain when you read Miss Broncos book the wishful Film Element is coming through loud and clear rights so here's the thing about d e Stevenson she wrote her first book in Nineteen Twenty three when she was US thirty one a second did not pay for nine years in nineteen thirty four she published Miss Bungles Book and thereafter she wrote a normal year selling over four million copies of her books in Britain and three million in the USA. She is amazing. If you go on the Internet she's and and there are numerous American fan sites devoted to her work. There is a fantastic website with a page on it where you can download what's called. Susan's never ending the Stevenson's spreadsheet which cross references every character and location in all those fourteen novels because Stevenson light to use the same names locations locations and characters and have them pop-up like proper world building her you know and so noble or sequences of novels that appear to have nothing in common with one another. She would thread together for her for her own amusement. I think those are cushy. New Readers like to play the game along with her. I have I just I have absolutely love this. This is like a large steaming Mug of all ix on a cold winter's night. It's just the most fun to remember when Doc Syrian very impasse in with here talking about g cooper we said what's good about Judy Kufa's books and he went pleasure. This book is I found this Solo. How incredibly enjoyable shedding because it's because persona so closely your there's no Jew. Do we think we could offer the listeners are like in a nutshell is set up of the book is all right. I'll give it a go okay so miss. bonkers book is the book within the book. Say Misbehaves uncle lives in what at the opening of the novel seems to be an absolutely picture postcards chocolate box English village and she has written. This incendiary book called disturb. Oh is it colder server pace. No go on it's cool. They chronicles rules of English village and her publisher changes the title so this incendiary book is about what she's really going on in an incredibly thinly disguised silverscreen. Her villages called Silver Stream. She calls it. Copperfield in the book and the People are she just as a little name substititions like themed substitutions fool them and what's interesting is that the book within the book the Gins with setting the scene with a peaceful little village and then a goat skin clad golden piping being boy comes through the village. Piping Music and the music sends people crazy and sub huge anarchy and subversion Russian occurs. People's lives disrupted and actually pretty much. That's what happened in the book. We are reading people with one another. Can you read this. A A little bit about one of the character's lives in the village is reading disturbed the pace for the first time yet. I will so the character who's reading Sarah Walker. She's the doctor's wife. Mr Abbott who was mentioned in this extract is the editor of of disturbance of the peace or chronicles English village and the known not too plume is John Smith so Misbach wrote the book but the Non Diplomats John Smith the one that's she's at the point with golden boy has has arrived the golden boy piped on through the High Street and up the hill and then down again past the vicarage and the old church which slumbered quietly likely by the river wherever he went he left behind him on rest and strange disturbance people woke up cast aside the fetters of conventional behavior and followed the primitive impulses of the hidden natures in some hearts the clear sweet music woke ambition in some it won't memories of other days and prompted kind actions. Some of his hearers would driven to acts of violence in others. It kindled love at least John Smith said that the music kindled love but Sarah Walker who knew something about that commodity something more she suspected than John Smith would have said the emotion which the boys pipe kindled in the heart of its here is was not love at all but passion after this things began to happen in Copperfield incredible things major waterford discovered that he'd loved Mrs Mildmay for four years without without ever having suspected it so he rushed across the road and found Mrs Mildmay in her garden and propose to her with fervor which almost made Sarah's eyebrows disappear appear into her hair. It may be remarked in parenthesis that Sarah's eyebrows wear a distinctive feature darker than her hair and beautifully arched this was the love scene which made such an impression upon Mr Abbott it was a passionate scene and had either been written by somebody who knew very little little about such matters somebody who knew a great deal it was either very innocent or else it wasn't and I love the lightness of the pros. The pros is really really really good. It appears to have been simply chatted down and in order to do that. You have to be really good writer so that's the first thing the second thing is. This book was published in the Nineteen Thirties. That scene is like a brilliant Mickey. Take Ove- kind of strand in English fiction the time in which we might include Sylvia Townsend Warner we oughta make him the great go pan I after making this so idea of of Magical Pantheon stick things occurring in the English countryside is a is a is a trope in that era we had I take the Mickey Alba in this context seems really funding the company but it also goes through don't you think into sort of Elizabeth Jenkins's World Uh Tortoise and the Hare which we did this sort of the things bubbling under kind of supernatural things bubbling under English villages the book itself is brilliant because Uh nobody can tell whether it's satire or just innocent and Miss Broncos book is exactly the same you know I mean you know. You never quite sure how on top of how clever she is being. I think she's actually being very clever..

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