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Burned some six hundred thousand acres of, the state and this includes the so-called Mendocino complex which is. Now officially the largest wildfire in the state's history one of the firefighters working long. Hours to battle that massive fire, is Steve Kauffman he's a fire captain inventory county but joins us, this morning. From Yucaipa which is in Mendocino county captain Kaufman thank. You so much for taking the time. For us, I. Know you've been? Working exhausting hours good morning David how are you I'm good I appreciate that can you just take. Us into this scene is there a moment or an image that stands out. To us you've been battling? With what is now the largest the, largest fire the California's ever seen. As probably the they're seven evacuation center, set up by the menace complex amongst so shelters each shelter have them hundreds of using. It on Sista seeing the evacuees from, the fire and how that impacted by the fire and how. They are living evacuation shelters song it's been up link now and just you know. Trying to explain why we still, have them out of their home and then they evacuate shelter that's, probably the. Most vivid memories that I have of this fire captain. Cannot can I just ask you I. Know that, in. One of these Fires in California. The car fire not the? One year fighting to firefighters were killed How much, does knowing that loom over the work you're doing I'm a I didn't even camps that we don't. Have that There are memorial Colin sign Or the on Polity Hum dot com about all you can. Pile they're calling on our home about you don't wanna know Donald Want them On. A hunch who are you checking? In with who is who's calling you to make sure you're. Doing okay they're actually my parents talking about, him though Definitely The governor of, California Jerry Brown suggested that this just is going to become a way of life in, California these types of. Fires and I know there have been some reports that suicide rates have been going up among firefighters with with all of these blazes with the limited. Resources Does that surprise you and and are you feeling pressures that are getting worse in this line of work I don't know that I Johnny On one on one on the Com Awesome call. On so we What. We do Mum Books Steve Kaufman is a fire captain inventory. County busy says he feels like he's part of the fire community where he is fighting now in Mendocino. County captain. Coffin thank you so. Much thank, you. Dave. Okay we're switching gears now over to Berlin where there is a strange invasion of. Louisiana. Crayfish the problem reportedly stems from some Berlin residents who bought the fish as pets only later to dump them in public. Waters here's. Reporter Danielle Jesolo Fishermen Klaus hit it eases into a stream in the tear garden a rambling away says of trees and grass in. The middle. Of Berlin His river overalls keeping dry as he, pulls a track, for crayfish the surface of the water and shakes it I think When, he guesses he caught about thirty. Creatures nature three netted tracks kids watch as hit. It works he and his son are the only fishermen with a license to catch. The animals he sells them to local chefs. And businesses, he says the challenge is matching supply. With demand he's got an order for fifty kilograms just over a hundred pounds, of crayfish but he thinks the animals are hiding from. The heat do you have fifty? Kilos here No Hopes to make up the order from his other two dozen traps across the Tiergarten and another. Park he uses a swimming pool in his backyard as a holding. Tank the idea for catching and serving the crayfish also known as crawfish came from the Berlin government as a way of controlling the invasive. Species Derek Aylard is with the city's department of the. Environment two thousand sixteen was the first time when people ring up and tell us about the crawfish in that first, year the city released heels into the waterway hoping they'd catch the, crayfish but then in two thousand, seventeen there were still three thousand in the. Parks and this year there are ten times as, many and they seem to be. Spreading crawfish come out of lake and runs out of the water is through over the ways either says, Louisiana crayfish crowds out the endemic European variety and carries a disease that kills them, hell Helm anymore implants, must be safe because they grow up in this country more than two thousand years Pelts cracks the shell of one of his red- crayfish in his restaurant in western, Berlin in mid-july there was the Anna style crayfish boil in a. Trendy food market in the city but tells keeps his recipe simple then be so to make it I miss Smith alerts and and he says it takes. A strong hand to break off the. Shell and, reveal soft tail meet underneath while. We talk customer Erica Kluger takes a look at our. She says this, food is too much work she just. Eats shrimp that was served with no. Shell it was easy and it was delicious for NPR news I'm Daniele has in Berlin This is NPR news Brian Brown fled his California. Home when fire threatened a police. Officer pulls down there he then yells at us get out now and there's three helicopters right above our. House to drop water I'm Ari.

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