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Franchises rick the legacy franchises a major league baseball you don't think the dodgers are one of them what makes them a legacy they won nine championships that's a that's a drop in the fucking for the ideals nobody's touching the yankees it i'm just talking about the history of the organization how far back it goes i mean come on i don't even need to bring up jackie robinson for so many reasons the dodgers are a legacy legacy franchise that was a debate kennedy's enshrined with the mets but anyway because of the return to come on let's stupid and then the the other comment who do the yankees wants stanton or harper harbor let's be honest talking about fit though we're talking about fit to have them both you that would be that would be a poor use of the yankees money even if the yankees have all the money in the world and we know that their pockets or bottomless rich you or why people hate the yankees you you are the reason when you say the one who even the yankees wouldn't sit there and tell you we can have both stanton and harper even the yankees wouldn't do good but won't they won't spend i guess in theory least five hundred million there's other ways to spend your money the thing is considering the thirteen bucks spent on the beer last night i guess they could sure well the thing is think about what came out with those anonymous domestic by the way the anonymous sources came out or ripping harper saying that he's a losing player and saying that he you know it's interesting because john carlos stanton who has never played for anything i mean at least been in the season he's at heartbreak there without a doubt but nobody calls her on carlos stanton the losing player at all and i don how many late and close opportunities we were talking about stanton the other day i mean once the pressure is on well that's one things tend to go very south for him i got some more numbers when we come back that are beyond alarming when it comes to stanton harper and machado and how they all match up and who.

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