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And they'll probably put a couple more years put him back to five and three years left on the deal, and they're probably going to have that wrapped up in June. And really there's been talk of that really going back to November before the game. When you know he was going into and looking at ten wins. And you know, that was a lot of feeling and grumblings that he was going to get that extension back. Then. The on the day. He was given the job in the interim job taking over for less miles a couple years ago. I mean, did you cover this team? Did you did you believe he'd still be the coach as we begin twenty nineteen? No, I did not. I did not think he was going to get the job after he became the interim coach I mean did talk to some board members who who liked him and they wanted to give him a chance. And then he wasn't like just a. Well, like, we've put Pierre replace John Brady is in or basis you knew he was at the job. And there's been other coach do say working to get the job. But you knew he had a chance, and then it kind of built and but no to answer the question. I I didn't think he was gonna end up being the coach I thought they were going to get JIMBO Fisher. And and then you know, they they they ended up being more interested in Tom permanent. But but that didn't happen. So they kind of fell back and settled on coach Ron, and he got a salary that fits being settled on a three five million. He only makes a million more than his defensive coordinator. So I think they're going to you know, bump that up for sure. In terms of his success, many many reasons, but you just you just alluded to Dave Aranda keeping him there. How how important was that in the overall health instability of this program? Oh, yeah. That was that was very important. You know, he was hired by less miles. And he's seen as one of the best. He's the highest paid assistant coach in college football. They almost lost them, Texas A and M at about this time last year. So that was huge. But but I think one of the best things co Joe is done is higher. Some very good assistance. Who aren't you know, who have more in the trench coaches that recruit our slice smiles at gotten away from really good assistance was just hired recruiters. Coach owes offense ordering coach jeans. Crack is is very good as safeties coach Bill Bush kind of runs. The secretary is very good. Jerry Sullivan receivers coach was very good. He sits we're tired. So he he he got away from those recruits have the coaches, and I think that's really the staff and their pooping proved. The player development as a player development was hurting under less. He was the talent. But they he wouldn't get in the best out of. Couldn't give always great to have him on Glen. Thanks for coming on enjoy Super Bowl. We'll never mind. Enjoy the weekend. Watch. Great to have Glenn ongoing. Go I giving us a little history lesson on the state of Louisiana when it comes to the New Orleans. Saints listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Big story today came out of nowhere. But it came from Indianapolis into a ruling on the university of Missouri. Slamming them in several sports, including taking away a bowl trip for the twenty nine thousand nine hundred Missouri. Football tigers. There has been a lot of reaction. We'll get more in a moment as we go to Columbia live. But certainly we want to talk to one of the leading experts on the NC double A in the in college force, Jay Bilas, ESPN's college basketball analyst, always great to catch up with JJ. Thanks for the time. I know you're all over the place..

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