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Briefing on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday, this week, we are joined in the first Midwest Bank hotline by Dr John Raymond, the medical college Wisconsin president, CEO. And Tim Sheehy, the president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. Gentlemen. Thank you so much for being here, Dr Raymond, Let me start with you. As we've been reporting all day, and you and I have discussed in the past the covert hospital state Fair Park is now open. The question is opening that. What does that tell you about the state of the disease in Wisconsin? You know, we've always had that as a back up, but I think what it tells you is that, like many other states were now experiencing a very significant surge that is close to reaching the capacity for hospitals to care for patients. We had another record day. Today with over 3000 new cases and our hospitals are filling up with what's interesting is largely south, Central and southeastern Wisconsin warn experiencing the big sir. Is that the other parts of the state were saying three or four weeks ago. Two weeks ago, South Central, which includes Madison and Dane County, started tohave exponential growth in their admissions. And just a few days ago we started here in southeastern Wisconsin and now our southeastern Wisconsin Herc, or healthcare Emergency Rinus coalition region has reached a higher sense, if ever of patients with covert 19, so I think it's a good thing that we have that Back up the state Fair. One other thing that's happened in the northern part of the state of many of the staff are ill with covert 19. Or they've been exposed to Koven, 19 and there in isolation now This question is for Tim. You just finished up a new poll of around 900 Wisconsin residents on Monday. Let's dig into some of those results from those questions that you asked one that I found interesting. What's more important controlling the spread of covert 19 or restarting the economy? What were some of those results? You saw him. Yeah, It's really interesting. You know, kind of asking. The question is more important to control. Cold, bitter. Restart the economy 60%. Maybe not surprising, said control Koven. 28% said. Restart the economy, and it's probably a practical question where I think more people probably know folks that have Kobe than have lost a job. But that's the challenge we're all trying to deal with. Is just balancing those, too. Tim related to that in the pole. You also asked whether the state is headed in the right direction. What did you discover? Well, there's been a big change if you 42% of the respondents thought the state was headed in the wrong direction in April that's climbed to 61% a cz of this pole. So, ah, big change there and again, maybe coinciding with the spread of Kobe across the state. This one's for Dr Raymond. There was a recent case of an elderly woman becoming the first known person. To die from catching cove in 19 twice. What are the chances of getting reinfected from the Corona virus? If you've already recovered from that? Thanks more so they're not zero. But there are well documented cases of people getting a second infection, so I would say that it's unusual to rare, but it is possible and you know it's a pandemic evolves and we have more and more people that have recovered. They may lose some element of their immunity and we may be seeing more and more re infections in the months ahead. Dr Raymond. Do we know how long someone stays contagious with covert 19? I get it really outstanding question. John. In general. After you've been diagnosed with Kovar 19. There's about a 10 to 14 day window when you can continue to shed the virus. If you've had a couple of negative Taft at least 10 days after you either were diagnosed or had symptoms, you're very likely to either not be contagious or cannot have much of a chance of spreading the virus attend to 14 days. His doctor John Raymond, Tim. She he's also with us, Tim related to this in the survey. You asked if folks were concerned that there someone they know would contract the virus. What did you find her people concerned. Yes, I think you know people are very concerned on DH when you asked the question and again not much chance change between May and October, But on the last survey that we just did this week, 78% were concerned that they or someone they know would contract the virus. Interesting stuff. We're going to dive into Maura this after the bottom of the hour news, including that talk we've all been having about antibody cocktails. Are they effective? What does that all mean? Gentlemen, please stick around before we get to the bottom of the hour news. It's bread. Alan with the W. T. M. J. Drake and Associates Market Update US stocks fell today after expectations of a Corona virus stimulus deal being reached before the presidential election decreased. The Dow Jones industrial average was down 165 points or 1650.58%, the S and P 500 traded 5000.66% lower and then as that combines the decreased. 0.8% Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said today that getting a deal done before the election would be difficult, adding that both sides were still far apart on certain issues. Who's He also noted, however, that Democrats and Republicans are making progress in some areas in earnings news, Goldman Sachs reported quarterly earnings that were much better than expected. The company's results were driven in large part by strong bond trading revenue. Wells Fargo shares were down more than 5%. Today is the bank's third quarter earnings missed expectations for drinking. Associate signed. Brad Allen, FINANCIAL Advisor for News Radio. W T. M. J John, We're here here with a couple of words for my friends at Culligan Water. Waukesha. One of the things I really like about Culligan Water. Waukesha is the way they take care.

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