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Road for the unofficial start of the summer of 23. That's a 7% increase from last year. Karen McHugh, Fox News. Sports had 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward to rob wood fork. While both NBA Conference Finals could end in historic sweeps, the Boston Celtic suffered their worst playoff loss in their long franchise history, taking a one 28 one O two beating in Miami that makes the heat the first 8 seat in NBA history to win a playoff game by at least 25 points. They hold a three O series lead that is a deficit from which no team in NBA history has ever overcome. A month after blowing a Sunday lead at the masters, Brooks Koepka rebounded to win the PGA Championship for the third time in 6 years. He goes down as the first live golfer to win a major title, the PGA club pro Michael block, though, the star of the show there at oak hill. He kept his fairytale tournament with a final round hole in one that helped him finish in the top 15 and clincher return of the PGA Championship next year. The nationals 6 four winners over the tigers, they win the series of Nats park, Riley Adams career high four hits, he finished a triple shy of the cycle. The Orioles needed extra innings to sweep the Blue Jays in Toronto, the mystics fast starred in Connecticut ended their ended in their first loss. This by some pretty strong double doubles from Shakira Austin and Elena delle donne. Rob woodfork WTO sports. You guys had after traffic and weather for private astronauts launched to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX falcon 9 rocket. It's ten 56

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