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Hall was much smaller compared to the one hosted by CNN the audience of about one hundred was also more receptive to his thoughts on prisoners being allowed to vote like those responsible for the Boston marathon. Bombing the way, I interpreted is more like people with misdemeanors. Marijuana cannabis, though, sorta crimes should be able to bow had to take a step back and think about it, right? You know, but. How to protect American right? The democratic presidential candidate did not take any questions from the media rather leaving immediately after the town hall events, Cambridge game show host UB Boston's NewsRadio enrolls most popular games going to be coming to the home of America's favorite pastime WBZ's Carl Stevens who's at Fenway park. Are you ready for some football? Just come on down to the baseball park. We will come back to Fenway park to play against via Spain's oldest football club. Billy hogan. With the Liverpool. Football club says preseason Premier League soccer will become defend way park on July twenty first some local Liverpool fans were here for the announcement. Mark davis. For one says Liverpool and Boston are a lot like does less semblance of ex pats from either England or from directly from Liverpool here. So always a lot of great support. This will be the third time in eight years Liverpool will play at Fenway park. There are also playing this summer at Yankee Stadium in Notre Dame from Fenway, Carl Stephen Stony BC, boss. Austen's News Radio coming up the nation's highest court considering a challenge to the controversial question on the U S census. Four thirty three traffic.

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