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Those. The words of mike greenberg who started his radio career in chicago. Bears postgame in. Mike is right. We haven't seen anybody graded the position. Some historians tell you. We're not old enough of this fellow. But sid luchman going back to the stone games. Remember was greg quarterback for the bears three star recruits. She needed to work on the back. In crystal clear man wasn't bad and neither was vince. Evans they were okay. You gotta go back for evans and obviously mcmahon the quarterback of the super bowl winning team. I'm sure my hometown motto can tell us all about those quarterbacks indeed because waddell caught passes for many bears quarterbacks and he joins us this morning on the shell pennzoil performance line pennzoil synthetic motor oils. Made from natural gas gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil based on sequence for a test using sap five w thirty he has his own radio show in chicago waddle and silvy on espn one thousand show and indeed. It is and joins us this morning. These are not too great quarterbacks. For sure town good morning so i think the status of mitch's shoulder and then go ahead and go macaroni. These two fellows. Yeah first of all good morning guys and someone argue. I was part of the problem when you cast me. Is the number one receiver in the early nineties. You've you're already behind the eight ball. i yeah i. I don't think this is going to be a from what i understand I haven't talked to anybody inside the building. But i don't think mitch is gonna be available at the back of this weekend and there's talk that it may last A couple of weeks so Things went from. I mean if you look at this team and they're five and three and you look from the outside in you know you probably are wondering why people in chicago are wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth. Because those of us who've had a front row view for all of this has seen this offensive ineptitude for a long time and then things got worse this week. Not just with mitch. Being hurt and not available as a backup but their offensive line is very likely they go to nashville and play titans team with eighty percent of their starting all fence line not available and it was an offensive line that was below average from the first half of the season anyway so mitya's out nick's going to be running for his life so Take that they're saying so tom. Mitch didn't get hurt. How much longer do you think that they would have pretty much state with. Polls before they pull the hook again back to mitch. Yeah key. I think that when when matt nagy made that change like halfway through the third quarter in the falcons game in week three. I think it was a change. That matt was looking to make all along. I think he is. I think the reason you trade for nick foles you give up a fourth. You guarantee twenty one million. You don't do that to sit him on the bench. There was great familiarity. I think that inside that building inside matt nagy had there. Was this thought that finally they were going to have a quarterback that could run mass offense so I think we made. The change was made in an indefinite fashion. That it was going to be that way forever. So even without the injury. I don't think that there is any appetite up at halas hall here in chicago for changing back to mitch. I i think i think right. Now matt got approved. Everybody that that the trade enfolds was the right reason and that this offense will work and that they can make nick foles work inside this off that i think it's a very very difficult task to prove all of that. But i think when the change was made guys i think it was made for the remainder of the season. I don't think there's a whole lot of flexibility up there inside the coaching room to go back to mitch. Even if he's healthy. Let me. Let me ask you this still tom. Because you've been there forever right in chicago. You seen the organization from beginning to end. Why the hell can't they ever find any quarterback like one quarterback just one quarterback for a couple years. How come in the league find a quarterback except the bears. Young kid is the thing that has everyone like. We are really proud band base. And there's always a ton of optimism and then we get we get consistently smacked in the face with at the very best average. Offense and usually poor quarterback plays so. It's something that that that this entire city has struggled with. And i don't know that there's a really good explanation. I heard you guys talking earlier. Look jimmy man was a quarterback. He just couldn't stay healthy. They made made the trade for jay cutler and gave up a couple of first round picks and brought him in and then in a lotta ways didn't surround him with enough and jay made some pretty risky decisions on a consistent basis and it didn't work out and then look they had the opportunity guys not to relive the past and get people nauseous this early in the morning here in chicago but like they had the chance back in two thousand and seventeen. They moved up from number three to number two because they were afraid someone was going to get in front of them to take mitch. Trubisky when when shawn watson and patrick mahomes were were available so like i don't have i. I'm supposed to come on the show and have the answers. I don't i don't know why they cannot effectively evaluate the position in a way that brings in somebody that can be there for an extended period of great stuff. Tom we gotta run. We're back to talk joe montana. That's on the withings. We're listening to sean. Jay williams zubin make sure to subscribe rate in review. You can hear the show live weekdays at six eastern on. Espn radio espn news. All we ever stream your audio..

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