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And Steve Inskeep. Now, scientists say that the warming climate makes a storm like Florence bigger and stronger and. Wetter in San Francisco, where we're going next government officials from around the world or making new pledges to cut the carbon emissions that drive climate change. They're trying to counter the Trump administration's rollbacks on climate protections. Here's Lauren summer of our member station. K Q E D. The message from this summit states and cities are moving forward tackling climate change with or without Washington DC today, we can say we're fighting. We're not just talking. We're acting. That's mary. Ann idel. Go of Paris. A city that plans to ban internal combustion engines mayors from twenty six other cities around the world announced their carbon emissions had peaked and we're going down. Then came the governor's like Washington's Jay Inslee. The American people understand science and an optimistic future of clean energies, Washington. Fifteen other states and Puerto Rico formed climate alliance when President Trump announced he would pull the US out of the international Paris climate treaty to make sure that the rest of the world understood that there is intelligent life in the United States, and no one likes to make that point more than California governor Jerry Brown emphatically pounding on the table can Trump if he stays his president is. Reelected Jenista, Burton sabotage. You Betty can in the is. That's why it's versus Trump Brown. Tried to take the lead on the international stage. Sending the message that at least parts of the US would uphold their agreement to cut carbon emissions people from all over America. All over the world will will get to the goal you. A question is will get through so late that people will die in trillions of dollars will be unnecessarily spent that is the big question, whether the pledges of these cities and states add up to enough I.

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