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When they actually let like the actors or the the will hidden stunt men do their work the Like the one on one fights a lot of fun might between the human characters agreed to a lot of them were really well are really creative and like just super fun to watch but then you know there were other action scenes. It was just like fucking quit. Cuts like a motherfucker and it'll give you whiplash like can we slow down here so not as bad as the hunger games movie king cause a headache but Something similar yes. Gotcha that movie was like. It's an r. Rated story trying to be told in a setting so for every bit of blood. Ooh we're not gonna let you. Oh similar here because it's like. Oh this is a movie about know fucking assassins but we're also disney so getting ready for that speaking to disney family. My gosh you made the joke earlier. It's my turn. now. Dom would be impressed. Okay especially since he's become such a mainly about of them yes. I made a joke during the middle of watching this. And that's it. If they say family one more town they're going two shows. The shotty task may be strong. Strongest family no. You get confused with a twelve gauge. Oh shit it's like leave it to disney to take a movie about a god damn assassin lie or she's not a says she she's a spy. Come on in this case. I think we're splitting hairs but yeah i'm just. I'm from economical standpoint. Yeah she's she's a spy right. I mean was like the way they played her here. I mean like exercising. Yeah yeah sure. Whatever words like they take that and they they try to you know they have the disney it up and like you know we're not covered Episodes two through four of Lucky you know. I said that man. This is really fine but the the disney is bleeding. Gain too much and i need more marvel in less disney. And i can say the same thing here for this movie This and Something that we're gonna talk about later on the school. It feels section. I'm worried about kevin foggy man. I'm going to say this here now. And hopefully this decorative statement does not in any way come true but i'm worried. They came and find his losing this touch. I mean from from from saying shit. Like you know that this movie is going to subvert expectations. First of all you know how much. I hate that verbiage. Our ever since game of thrones ruined me when they say well we're -tations hate that phraseology and kevin feige used to for this movie and yeah I can't wait to rip him a new one in the spoiler field section in that regard. And it's like. I'm really concerned man. 'cause like if if this is the standard for mcu move his going ford than they might force that fatigue to sit in versus anything naturally occurring But no movies not are bad. This other good things to.

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