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I it depends he jumped in that kershaw curb which for much of the day was just unhittable he seemed to be looking for it and indeed he got the hit against it so that was the first time all afternoon the giants got their leadoff man on bass next up was tomlinson lynnfield doubleplay deck up the first base side and it's gonna go then went right between pk heard that news the first basement and kershaw the pitcher and for a moment are they each week that the other and then nobody was able to pick it up beautiful beautifully executed by kelvin tomlinson that's for sure and then buster posey off the bench as a pinch hitter for the pitcher and that's when dave roberts made the move although kershaw only throw ninety two pitches in this ball game couple of men on base and buster who has hasn't done great against kershaw but he's had a lot of experience against him that's for sure so he brought in shaoguan who was able to get buster out last night that's the only time shabwa and bustard ever faced each other buster grounded at the third against him good enough apparently for dave robertson he brought in shaoguan with two men on to face buster shaoguan sats the one to page wave home swung on the queen snapping up with a golf game is tied you who has always been a great stride hitter ability again falling immediately behind shaw and then in a one to count muster posey got a sinking fastball down at the knees give you say it was a real bad pitcher sean was point of view and buster gave it the inside out's stroke and he hit a shot the only question was did he hit a too hard to get the creek throw is way off nine there was really no play at the plate as it turned out indeed show the giants had tied the game the rent charged the kershaw and we'll make that the giants call of the game be sure and catch murph and mac tomorrow morning if you know the call to the game you could win a hundred dollars the call of the game is sponsored by your northern california honda dealers giant savings at every high d'amoto visit norcalhondadealers dot com now the giants were seemingly not just having.

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