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Doing them. Kinda hours. It's it. Worked at when. We come out, with. A, love it so I'll wrap it up here with just two final questions, one non racing and on racing. Let's see which order I want to start with. The non racing put, but both you guys on the spot here so doesn't matter which order, but if you had to pick three guests to bring to a dinner party, they don't necessarily have to be racing. WHO WOULD THEY BE? And why would why would you pick them in? We'll start with Paul on this one. Yeah. I realized she was actually point that need to go i. See that's. I didn't even know that and I. We can start in whatever order if you need some time to think. keep ready to go. He'll go so I would say if I was GONNA pick three deaths I would pick Michael Jordan. I would pick Michael Andretti. and. Lewis, Hamilton? Who I like it that's that's a really fun three there. I actually the first time I've heard. Michael Jordan as as an answer. I think that would be really interesting to hear his. Take on on competition and everything so our Apollo you pad. About a minute to To come up with some answers so now we're going to put you on the spot. I guess I had to take my wife. 'cause I've been around her for almost ninety days straight. I'm sure she hasn't got Nelson. So, Dan. Right. I don't know drawing a blank. Sh-. Pick Me Paul. Take me keep with the, but no. I don't think so. Maybe get bud grant in their ex coach head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. He would be good. Get. One more ball one. Pressures on. FAVORITE ATHLETE! Yeah. It'd be good, not take Berkeley. I think that was just Keith Park, too, but we'll give that one to Paul. That was. Brett farve would be definitely. Be a good one there. We have some big packers, fans and Viking fans who listen to the show. Just in purple days, yeah, that's along We will say was at his last couple of years in the League after his strange year with the jets. I mean every years a strange year. When you're on the jets I guess so. I won't go down. I won't make fun of them too much. I honestly don't know if we have any jet fans that listen if we do I'm sorry for making fun of them. It's just really easy. So wrapped up one easier question here. You guys are both worked with waned Taylor and Wayne Taylor racing for a couple years now, so what is weighing Taylor like as a man? In what is it like working for Wayne? Taylor, racing, or wait the a very nice man Very genuine You know, but he's I mean it's great to work for. He gives us everything that we need to be successful If he cares about us as individuals as as employees, we make sure that we have good benefits and that you know especially during this pandemic when you heard a lot of teams being. Laid off or furloughed you know we were able to continue as A. we were so working so Just you know it's. It's a blessing that we worked for such a great man and. Again giving us all the tools and opportunities. We need to be successful here and so You know working for Wayne Taylor versus wait until they're racing. It's Kinda the same thing when you speak a one. You're really speaking of the other, so it just. It's just great You know no regrets here and just happened to be here. I love any additional thoughts on that one Paul. Keith said very good two words out of my mouth. WAYNE'S A. Great Guy to work for he's got. Great Team and business going here. Probably be part of it. Awesome will gentleman I appreciate the time this morning. It's been a treat to talk to you both. first thing this morning here, so thank you very much stay safe. Whenever you guys are back at the track. I hope it is a very successful season, and whenever I am able to get to the. races I will make sure to come. Say Hello and introduce myself so I hope you both have a good rest of your day and thanks again. Beg Very Much, thank you, thanks, guys..

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