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Not less miles. That's just not less miles and so it's fine that piece of funny dude and dyes his hair and is good front of a microphone. Whatever by kansas needs to try at least five times harder than everybody else to convince. A good coach come to kansas. And it's it's going to be money and it's going to be autonomy and anything short of that. It's just another to ten season. Yeah there there is a little bit of a wizard of oz quality to bring in west miles. Isn't there. it's it's great to have the the funny man who everyone likes and can relate to and likes to talk about in the twitter sphere but at some point you got to produce dan and it just doesn't feel like things headed in the right direction it hasn't been for awhile and I recall. I think it was a friend stu mandel when they hired less miles. He's very skeptical of the move very skeptical the move but Acknowledged like hey if you can get a little bit of momentum going and he's got a personality that maybe could turn people on the program and build some enthusiasm. Everyone acknowledged right from day one that it was a transitional higher that right he was hoping to you know maybe breed the next great coach. Who could step in and fulfill that Kansas destiny in well. Here's the thing to happen. The kansas administration also needs to decide because we saw stories recently of should kansas be a football school. Kids feel the football team. Where if gonna pay somebody. Four five million dollars to be a head coach. Can't be less miles like you. The investment needs to be. They're not just monetarily but belief trust vision kind of thing that if you are not all in on football that's cool totally good but don't throw five million dollars into a furnace. Don't throw four million dollars into a furnace. It's irresponsible and can be used in better ways so that kansas decision needs to be made and it just doesn't seem that like when you hire less miles you don't hire somebody with a vision. You don't hire somebody with a certain degree of hunger. You hire somebody who wants to be a head coach. That's it and so. I'm not looking at kansas as impossible. I'm looking at kansas. As you really really really need to have every tool available to you to to burn this thing down and start over and anything sort of that is just not. And i'm talking i mean. What is the kansas football ceiling. If kansas well set of hiring less miles they went out and hired matt. Rhule's somehow or they hired a sean lewis at kent state or they hired somebody who has done a really interesting job a younger guy whatever. What's kansas ceiling as a program over three years they should be able to make a bowl. Yeah and that's i think that's my point. That's the great irony in this. Kansas has been really bad right there their plumbing the depths of college football in the big twelve but is it really impossible to get a little bit of momentum and find yourself middle of the pack in the big twelve clean. Kansas hired chris climbing. Yeah was fired leopold. Yes thinking of that too. It's it's very gettable that nice meaty middle portion of the big twelve not hard to rise at our that level. So you know they're in this awkward spot now or they're clearly not building a program but if they find the right guy i think in a matter of a couple years could they find themselves in that middle of a pack of saying they're gonna contend but if you're kansas you'll take middle of a pack any day of the week of course. I think it's totally doable. But i don't think less miles is the guy. I was enthusiastic about the higher on day. One not some not not at this point. I know better now. Yeah and what it also is going to be is hiring somebody not just with. It doesn't have to be power. Five tracker doesn't have to be a head. Coaching track record but it has to be somebody with a force of personality to go with that organizational and cultural vision. It has to be that person who is going to say. This is how we practice on day. One is that we practice sunday to this. Is how we recruit. Here's our messaging here. Is you know somebody who has that three. Do do better court porpoise jargon for me tie that holistic three sixty thinking right right. He's got thirty thousand foot. View has figured out from soup to nuts. Yeah right. But that's not necessarily. How athletic director athletic directors think. And maybe that's why search firms get involved because they have to go to athletic directors. And say you don't hire will must champ to your head coach. It's it's not necessarily clear that he's learned from his mistakes things like that and so it's a. It's a tough ask. I mean if you're a coach why would you go to kansas. If you're chris climbing why would you go to kansas. When kansas state operationally is a much better place i get that the answer. Is you have to pay him. Seven million dollars and you have to give them a seven million seven year contracts. Something like that right. And it's it's gonna take a big swing and less. Miles was not a big swing. Why don't we do one more team team. And then rapid fire house that that's great. Let's.

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