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Get three points or more so yeah it was Even like the took a josh norris to get a point at plus one zero five. We just got lucky that that all those things hit and it was like a couple of weeks ago in the nfl in that Cleveland kansas city. Game where there was just points back and forth the whole time so everybody got in on the action last night. Okay so super. Bowl's coming up. What's your favorite goofy prop. That shows up on super bowl day. There's some good ones you know like I love the over under on the atom. Like i think that's that's the best. That's a good way to get in. Get up upper down before the game even starts right so over under on the anthem will go find out who singing it though. Like to research on youtube to see if they've sang it anywhere else before you know they'll try and listen to end and get news from the rehearsal in seattle rehearsal wet. Yeah so that's kind of fun but you know you can get everything like i've seen you know. Remember the traditional super bowl. Sunday where you know much beyond plays at home in the afternoon in the nhl. So you'd see like what will be more like kerry prices total number of saves or points by the home team. You know things like that. You can see all kinds of interesting props and yeah people people love it. It's it's a lot of fun. It's it's become almost biggest again now. I had a buddy of mine on this a super bowl party years ago. I don't even remember what super bowl it was. But this guy is thrown twenties and fifties around betting on everything absolutely everything including the coin toss right like is that a real thing or is that just for schmos like vape guy who owed log has nicknamed this duties a buddy of mine and reporter bed twenty bucks on the coin classes that real thing while it's of course it's a real thing people love the action and just like the anthem is a chance to you know. Get up or down Maybe get a little bit extra money in your account before the game even start so you know and then sportsbooks get a profit on it because people are gonna bet both sides so it's a win win for everybody it's been a fun isn't a smart thing to bet on no absolutely not. It's literally a flip but hey you could have worse thoughts on something now. What's what's the lines look like early. And what what trendy ac- of course there's the thought of brady doing something incredible and the reality. That mahomes is against a really good defense but he seems to do something great almost every week yet. We're seeing some really interesting. Bending action ray and actually dan and i were talking about this before you jumped on Before we did this call. Was that the public like everybody. The recreational bettors are coming in on kansas city at minus three At about a five to one ratio but the line is actually moved the other way because it was kansas city..

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