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Talk to us about week seven of the NFL season giants, Atlanta, Falcons play tonight. Let's hope the giant show up in 'lanta probably will win this game because the giants will find a way to mess it up, but just show us something, give New Yorkers some reason to hope clearly ain't gonna be victory, but could you do something for us pretty pleased, but she'll go on top would be nice to get back to the calls. Let's go. To Chris, you live Stephen a. on ESPN radio, what's going on. Call three three quick from what I saw this weekend. So free to touch on Jerry, like number one was what I saw from for Lonzo. I feel like Stephen, a very will have to get rid of him or magical to make some decisions and loops six. I'm looking at a guy, we draft number two, Stephen standing outside shooting proponents. He may forum that's a good sign, but we didn't drop them to do that. And. Number two, I got. I got one. Hold on. Let's sit there. I point. I got one thing you could say really, really positive about Lonzo ball. Are you ready for this. He ain't Marquel faults. What a disaster. I mean, listen, I'm sincerely hoping that they fix more kill Foltz, whatever's wrong with him. I mean, this dude is is shooting thirty three percent from the field. He's attempted three, three point, three, three pointers on the season, shoot thirty percent. He's at one of them. I just don't see it. I mean, this guy's number one overall, pick I listen. I hope I'm wrong. I'm rooting for Marquel folks. He's got. He's starting to get me to think about Kwame Brown. I mean, that's the way I'm going. Chris throws a big bust. I mean, that's where I'm going. I mean, come on till for Jason Tatum to go number three. Overall. I mean, look, I I wanna Lonzo to do better, get more aggressive, give more accurate with his jump shot, but but he ain't Marquel folks. No, I agree. I agree, but we over. Do it. Okay. Number two, real quick stagnate. What I saw for Lonzo Paul, you know what I think it is. I think that Rondo in my opinion, I think he kinda resents Paul because I think he tells like Paul gets recognition, he's maybe doesn't really deserve the simple where because of the two thousand eight Olympics when when Chris Paul got selected along with kid and Darren Williams and Rhonda was left off, that's been Clinton. Right, right. And I just fact that Paul never won anything just playing those first conference finals and Rama's champion. I feel like there's some resentment the my last point eight. I hate saying this huge Carmelo fan, but I think I'm starting to compare the LeBron Carmelo when they're obviously drafted in the same class to what we're to what we saw from Chris, Paul and Darren Williams, Darren Williams, and Chris, Paul used to five for best point guard and made for a long while now Dara's nowhere to be found. I think that sad to say, I think are on that same direction. Steve name along. I'm not insulted by that. That's kinda accurate. I mean by that is that it wasn't like there was ever a scrub he could play, but the elite level and the want it factor that Chris Paul had in him, certainly differentiated him from Dan Williams and one could easily make that argument about Carmelo compared to LeBron James. So, yeah, I just 'cause I, it's funny. I was watching a game and I just want he doesn't seem to until he's kind of lost involved, but he's not engaged his team. I gotta I don't know about the teammate part because they love him and he's cool, but he's not what it used to be. And you know he's listening. He could still make shots. He just got to step up and get more aggressive and start making and remind everybody with a prolific scorer. He is otherwise, we will be saying about Carmelo. I appreciate the call, man. I gotta run predated Austin, you live. Stephen, they talked to me. Longtime brother, that will always be welcome in mine. I to Brecon quarries. The first regarding Eric Reed situation, I won't profess myself as being knowledgeable in the sense, but I heard you mentioned the President Trump did not speak up because of Colin Kaepernick, but simply because the league in itself, but I think that the league will. Oh, well, I didn't say that..

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