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They may come in bunches and it may look good for a week and then all of a sudden the basco silent for a week once a balance on my baseball team. And that's why the tampa bay rays. That's what they have for sure. This guy's dad obviously doesn't have a television because of a game for the first time in twenty five years. We were watching all on tv. Yeah but i think what what. I'm trying to explain that. The game has changed since changed significantly. And it's gotten worse most times. They change rules to make the game better. You could say what you want about the nba. They put the three pointer in it. It makes it more exciting. Yeah you take football you know. They took out defensive holding for the defensive backs that makes the game more exciting. They took the red line out essentially for offsides in hockey and it makes the game more exciting. Baseball has gone the other way strikeouts or not. Exciting as much as i love. Jacob degrom and tom seaver and all this other stuff and i love a great pitching matchup. I mean you do want to see some buyer works and true. I mean i just think also. I mean it's baseball's in a weird spot because the traditionalist that love the game don't like some of the changes but yet the people who really are kind of get bored by baseball. These changes aren't enough. So i don't know what to say about where the game is going other than. It's just not going to be as popular one more consistent offense and they're going to be messing with the pitcher's mound or the either gonna move it back. They're gonna lower it or they're going to force these pitchers that go out there with brand new baseball's throw the baseball and then the then the pitchers if you're saying that you're not using pine tar on a bat. I'm sorry get rid of all the foreign substances all them. No razzano pine tar. No nothing i don. I just don't see it happening. Though each the morning show with boomer asya in gregg giannotti boomer and geo overhead.

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