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I'm trying to think hey, part walk into Cape back. Long before Lucy MC bath became congresswoman elect mic bath from Georgia's sixth district. She was a guest on this podcast two years ago, talking about gun violence, her son, Jordan Davis was shot and killed in Florida in two thousand twelve because his music was too loud. In this powerful interview, you'll hear bath and Dewan Patterson anti gun activists from Baltimore talk about how vase survived on violence and how they push forward. This incredible conversation between a mother and child starts right now. Dewana lucy. Thank you very much for coming in and being on Cape up today. You're both victims of gun violence in different ways into one. I want to start with you. But just asking you to tell your story. The story of my gun violence champion incident, begun going into my senior high school, and we're talking Baltimore. Yes. East? Baltimore just returned from John hockey university, summa job. And while on the bike traveling to my aunt's house, I pick my head up. And I realized I was a gunman at my side. And he asked me. To pick all my stuff. All my belongings. Give them everything. I had a look down on shake my head. But I gave him everything. And if there wasn't enough on. It's only turn around. When he told me turn around. I just knew that this may be my last time turning around. He picked the gun up over my head. Impose the trigger shoveling head. I went down to the ground. And. My body began to go into shock. But then I. I had a little else of Streff vision left, but a whole lot of Streff laughing me. So I got back up got back up wondering looking for help. And now, and of course of me looking for help. I'm stumbling I look up into the borough of another gun this time, it was the borough of the police, and I'm I'm hearing them yelling get the fuck on ground. Get the fuck on the ground, and there's my family and friends and neighborhood members try to come to my defense, they begin to arrest them slamming them on a cause and things of that nature. And the only thing I could really imagine in think about west, please not get killed in front of my my family members girl cousins particular because I can hear them screaming. I was saying a victim. I was saying just another n words. In many cases, by the police, Matt realizing how this was the norm for us with announcing hood, I just realized I didn't want to become a victim by the police in front of my family ruin that allows you have the police yelling at you threatening your family with arresting family members and people in the neighborhood. But who called paramedics wasn't the cops was it. No, the the police never called a paramedics. Because this what they do around on able hood. So the paramedics was called by. We call them like neighborhood moms so grandma and old lady on the block. They will call the paramedics and my defense and making sure that I get the aid that I I need it. Police police never called him. Emily arrived. Maybe about thirty forty minutes later. And I was laying on the ground is waiting for the paramedics come and praying that none of my family member where arrested will go to jail. The aim Lange. Finally arrived. In the back of lanes. And all I can hear is shouts from everybody at the back of them while I'm inside and are just lift my arm up and gave the peace on this album. I was okay in Dona transportation of going to the hospital. I remember my paramedics voice, she was shot into the driver. It's like Ron f- in hospital role fucking spittle, and they took me from one hospital in a complete different direction. Ended up at university of Maryland shock trauma. Can I woke up three days later? Three days later, and as a result of being. Shot in the head. No medical assistance for at least thirty minutes being taken initially to one hospital, but a paramedic demanding that you be taken to the proper hospital. What nickname were you given? By the neighborhood. The neighborhood called me the walking angel. How did that inspire you because you're now an anti gun violence activists now? Yes, I refer to myself as a gun violence champion because I champion this issued. Or I was not a victim of it initially..

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