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It's hard to beat them when they get the dream trip. Those to God. I kind of look at it and say yes and no, the the have the dream trip because they put themselves in that position and no one else did, but I will say with proviso, I was very. Foraged by this effort. Again, he came home in the second second, fastest final quarter, twenty five forty five. And on the far turn, there was a scenario or remote. I thought he was gonna last because we size scrubbing on scrubbing on him and he's just kind of fade into the back of the pack. But then he starts picking it up in between horses and he finishes very well. I have a funny feeling he sitting on a career best effort. Don't ask me why I don't really have any any sort of concrete proof of that other than the fact that I thought this is a very encouraging effort from him. I don't know if he's good enough to win a race at Pennsylvania derby, but he just shows up each and every time he's a very very honest horse, and it's hard not to root for an honest horse trained by someone like Wayne Lukas hard not to root for them. I think he's interesting and I will if they go to the Pennsylvania derby, I would seriously seriously consider him a major threat in there and you know what? He would be the kind of horse if they choose to go to a race, like the Breeders Cup Classic, which we still have a ways to go. I, I don't think he can win, but he is that kind of horse in a race like that forty to one. Could he run third or fourth? Absolutely. And perhaps that's the thing that makes your Breeders Cup weekend, and maybe that makes your entire weekend or even your entire year. If you hit the Tri factor, super factor using this horse underneath some of the logical ones and it comes back nice price. As far as the rest of the field is concerned, king Zachary a lot of people are impressed with him. I thought he did. He finished well and again, he came home faster than anyone else in that final quarter mile. I guess the reason I'm not more excited about a horse like that is because he has no early speed whatsoever. So in these races, you're gonna need an absolute pace meltdown. If he's gonna come with Dale Romans even said he goes, I don't know why he so far back early on in those races if he's coming from last and some of these big spots, I just I can't trust him as far as win contenders concerned vino Rosso continues to just be a little bit I, he runs in spots and I will not trust him. I said on in the preview addition, I'm saying now I won't trust him in any race that he shows up until he proves that he can put it all together and maybe he never will trigger warning. I wanna meant shorter distances said in the preview that I think he's talented. He didn't have the cleanest of trips in the spot. He was not on the inside and you had to wait a little bit between horses, but the distance, I don't think is his friend. I think he's a talented horse. I would like to see him going. Shorter distances tenfold just wasn't that good. I hate to say it, but again, I didn't like the Jim dandy coming into it, and I think that kind of was validated with the way those horses ran in this spot. We need to discuss the bottom three finishers who happened to be the three horses on the morning line anyway, that were the favorites. And I think rightfully so ultimately gronkowski. Good magic and wonder, dote gronkowski just slow out of the gate again. And then finally, once once Joel got into him and he kinda wanted to start going, he was kind of keen in an amongst horses didn't really work out and he just had nothing down the lane. Sounds like there's a possibility he runs in the jockey club Gold Cup, given his affinity for Belmont Park and some longer distances. Good magic was wide on the first turn that doesn't help as 'cause. But he just never really had any sort of IMF. It never never looked like a threat at any point in the race. He's better than this..

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