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Matt Reynolds Kevin Hines and Greg Van Borsen shared their stories of managing their own suicidal thoughts how they care for themselves and care for others and how they're building building a global network of support for suicide prevention Kevin Hines name. You might have heard of He's only one of thirty six six people have ever survived jumping off the golden gate bridge in since his suicide attempt in two thousand. He's become a global ambassador for suicide aside prevention for saw. Kevin speak in two thousand fourteen year after he published his autobiography cracked not broken and in two thousand eighteen I had the pleasure of watching his film suicide the ripple effect at the American Association of Suicide Allergy Annual Conference Kevin and was joined by two members of his conquer collective. Matt Reynolds who's the CEO and founder of Mindful LAS nonprofit charity from Melbourne Australia and Greg Van Borsen. Who's bio reads that he's the world's youngest professional natural bodybuilder a multiple black doc belt martial artists and an award winning Hollywood filmmaker now I spoke with Matt Kevin and Greg at the two thousand eighteen American Association of Suicide Algae Annual Conference and these guys were so pumped up about out suicide prevention during the interview so full of inspirational quotes and stories that the by the end of the interview I found myself speaking with the cadence and freezing of a motivational speaker. which are not so before we get to the interview review? I want to give a big shoutout to Francesca Haley. She's an.

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