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Reviews for some products the washington post owned by amazon ceo jeff bezos reporting that a vast majority of review is for products in popular categories like bluetooth headphones and speakers appear to violate amazon's prohibition on paid reviews artificially inflating the ranking of thousands of products on the site leaving some sellers with little recourse to combat the problem and well amazon band paid reviews a year and a half ago the washington post says that hasn't stopped some sellers from recruiting reviewers on social media sites reporting that in february there were nearly one hundred facebook groups won with fifty thousand members for the purpose of sourcing positive reviews according to review meta a website that helps consumers spot questionable reviews there are some red flags to watch out for in a statement amazon says inauthentic reviews made up less than one percent of all reviews on amazon last month and we investigate each claim we take forceful action against both reviewers and sellers by suppressing reviews violate our guidelines that's abc's rebecca jarve fifty four aaa traffic update with marina rockinger definitely a rough commute as you head out into it this afternoon southbound i five approaching the duwamish river the car pool lane is blocked we have stopped traffic now from i ninety as you try to head down towards the duwamish curves he wanna stick with highway ninety nine or east marginal way south definitely both good options southbound four zero five still solid and bellevue now it's north of five twenty where it's going to be rough all the way down through coal creek parkway we have slowdowns westbound i ninety across mercer island eastbound at one forty eighth it's a rough go northbound four zero five as you approach the canyon park area and up towards the alderwood interchange northbound i five slow through shoreline and into mountlake terrace your next.

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