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Not, well. No is pretty hard for twelve, sixty, nine but. I I see. Okay. That was my fault. By the way it was one small thing in it was only in the RSS feed, but that was enough to mess people up. Yeah. Apologized I was highly amused by this guy I wanted to use that piece of art for the newsletter but said twelve, Sixty, eight on it, which is own. Okay, well, I'll take the blame. I'll take the blame for that one. Now. There was a piece above that which is submitted for today's show and I would like you to explain to gag here. This is the one is above that piece assist Fossey what does that does that refer to Fossey Vouch E or o? That's frasier crane. You know a foster. Is that a frazier notes doesn't quite work. No. Anyway. As you can tell there's so much that comes in so much and it's all valuable. Every single piece is valuable. Anybody can go take a look at this and anybody can do stuff with this art. Please consider that. Just like the no agenda shop guys did who? They were doing something in life and they started to know agenda shop and they licensed by the by splitting the revenue with the with the artists to put it on t shirts, mugs, hats, Cetera. GATORS. Masks? And they they kick us some money from time to time as well. So it's a really good value for value deal I. Hope you go check it out for the for the artwork, but also you can print them out, put him on your wall and the competition continues we love you artists you are providing great value. It makes all the difference we have different artwork. It's proven because it was in the Mueller report as part of our best podcast nominal nominal. And Uh Huh. That's no agenda are generator dot com. Let's take a look at the value received A. Financial means from our executive producers and associate executive producers for episode one, thousand, two, hundred soissons enough. Matt deckers on top. He's on deck, the upper hundred dollars said. Dunes South Dakota. By the way they are playing the baseball season. I should mention this because you said upper decker. The Oakland as are the leading team. The Oakland A.'s a leading team in all of baseball, and my theory is because it's the only team that is comfortable playing to empty stand. Mardi right that for you. Know I wrote myself because I followed his team cure. This. That's good. Very Good Better than my upper decker. Maddie writes This donation comes from Scotland Su. Shulin sorry. Suzanne meet up and brings me to knighthood counting below I would like to be known as Sir Matt. Decker and would like cigars and Scotch. The roundtable I think they're on. They're already could I get a roll out for the shape shifting Jews and I would really like jobs Karma Sulamita report meanwhile. It happened yesterday fifteen Sioux city. Was a great success the meat produced A. Night. Night and Kyle. something. North on. Eighty became go ahead. became not a Douche bag. We had seven people in total with fire from the Sioux City area in two driving in from Omaha, we had burgers hot dogs in the park and enjoyed the company like minded people while taking into beautiful weather planned to host another event in the near future. So it sounds like at least a deducing in order for at least somebody. You've been deed do Stennis, only twenty seconds. But if you don't mind I'll play their LAN report Brittany and we're at the feeling meet up in. Not Decker, I'm not fact this is served. Glad of the Midlands and the morning Sir Bernie Adema from him. In the data David from Omaha kit up already science I panic from city in the morning. Carl from Omaha I'M GONNA. Do. So. There you go. I love those reports. Here's what you requested man..

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