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Coroner frank flash porter in correa similar to a grand jury but held in public now the corner was can flash forward said that he call the corners in korea to bring attention to the seriousness a bowling in this case it was obvious that he had suffered a great deal of bullying the pushed him to this point a corner sat a big part of the inquiry is that okay we need to make this public so the school's all over the place paying more attention to bowling much of the witness testimony focused on mr sutter's manager twenty one year old harley brian i'm former co workers said that she repeatedly ridiculed so are on the job not a lot co workers said that little repeatedly making him clean the four bi hand while walking on his stomach according to the columbia daily tribune another co workers said that she wants threw it cheeseburger at him after he made in correctly but random testified that she didn't boley him and that any insult she did work that was were just jokes there's a lot of people are very queens saying i was the reason for his suicide news brand i'm said according to the tribune but i don't understand why would be that way if it's a lot of people all saying the same thing don't you think maybe and should pay attention for hearing testimony from about twenty friends co workers and witnesses the six member jury recommended that they charge means brandt him our record for brandon did not provide information on a current issues will be arraigned february fourteen they also founded school district was negligent and failing to stop bullying and that the dairy queen was negligent unveiling the properly train employees bowler candidate number two all come on just can't you know right here is bowler kinda did to number three all make some charges up i think is what it's called it but are all makeup some charges there we go i california police officer has been caught on video threatening the makeup chargers torre rest demand at the sheriff's office service counter duncan hits of victor bill california knows the former home of the roy rogers using that's right former.

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