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Fortunately I can sit relatively in the dark most the time and just let it pass through, but not a lot of folks are able to do that. So if you have folks in your life, who are experiencing these migraines, and you're in a position to help them out like if you're their boss, and they are calling in with a migraine or letting. You know that they have a migraine. It's the kind thing to do to go ahead and ask if they need the day off. It's just nice to be nice. It's good to be kind and a lot of times. Folks with these migraines really need that, and you're not going to be able to get as high quality of work from them at all from a management perspective, while they have the migraine because everything hurts at that time, so just having a little bit of empathy for folks who are going through Migraines can help allot and i. hope that if you didn't know anything about them before that this helps you to understand a little bit more from their perspective. At my old job manager, I would let people go home early with Migraines of course, and I would also offer to let them go home early if they were on their periods, because that's something that I was able to do, there was no rule against that at all, and if there had been I would have been having words with my bosses about it, but you can make those changes in your workplace, too. I was the only female manager out of eleven managers on my first business unit, and so that was just something that never occurred to my male counterparts, because they did not go through it themselves. So, that's something I started offering and just making sure that these folks who had uteruses were able to take the day off if they needed it if they felt that it wasn't that bad, and they could power through it. They often did, but I like to give people the option. It also is solid for a company culture, and just for being a good considerate leader. There's no reason to make. People be there even from a management purely business perspective. If they're not going to be able to work anyway, and you're more likely to get higher quality work if they need that break. And in that regard, it doesn't matter to me whether the headache is real or fabricated, but if you create a culture in which your employees know that when they come to you, they can tell you the truth and. Just. Be totally honest with you and still feel heard.

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