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The Cape Cod canal police officers in born stop the vehicle early Tuesday the team gave police conflicting stories about his motives for requisitioning the piece of equipment which had a snow plow attachment the young man will be charged with driving without a license and receiving a stolen motor vehicle exports the Celtics beat the Pacers and secured a place in the playoffs they tip off against the bucs tomorrow in Milwaukee the Bruins defeated the flyers and they are headed to buffalo on Friday in Florida the red Sox take on the race tonight here's ABC six meteorologist Chelsea priest partly to mostly sunny conditions outside this afternoon temperatures today still about ten degrees above average topping out in the mid fifties we have the chat were partly clear lows dropping down into the low to mid thirties and then tomorrow we're looking at plenty of sunshine high temperatures will be in the low to mid fifties once again from ABC six weather center I'm stormtracker meteorologist Chelsea priest under Bedford's news talk station fourteen twenty W. B. S. M. I. merry service for W. B. S. M. news stay up to date with new Bedford's news talk station fourteen twenty eight W. B. S. M. and get breaking news alerts with the W. B. S. I'm at voters it's time and I think when you listen to Joe when you see Joe now in the past ten days two weeks on the campaign trail you see something that resonates with voters and it's pretty simple it's humanity is empathy four nine from the Matthews brothers studios some people say that is charming a candidate is going to air it out with the rest of the union guys were all around and this will help him with those won't hurt him.

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