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Went like 70 minutes on that. That was really fun. I was glad we did that. If you missed our three part over under NBA podcast on Tuesday, me. We're still house, we went for like almost 5 hours. We did it in person. There's some videos we're putting up on the YouTube page. YouTube dot com slash Bill Simmons. If you want to see us in action, we don't have video of when we thought we were going to dinner with Priscilla after the taping and he just said, oh, I forgot, I can't. And that was it. So I don't know. There's dissension in the ranks. Priscilla blew off house for a meal, which is the worst thing you can do to house. You can punch them, you can insult them. You can do whatever you want to them. But at the last minute, back out of a dinner with House. So we'll see how those two guys resolve it. I'm fine. I'm agnostic. I'm an only child. I'm used to doing whatever. But I think house was really hurt. We'll see if those guys can heal. You can hear all four hours of that podcast. On my feet, right where you're listening to this one. House is going to be on this podcast much later. We taped it a little bit earlier this week, but it's going to be the last segment on this podcast. The redeem team documentary that's on Netflix. We had a lot of thoughts. Some good some bad, but we wanted to give our review and break it down and talk about what that team meant in the context of basketball in the 21st century. That's coming at the tail end of this pod. First up, Benjamin solak, second Peter schrager, we are mixing it up this week. I'm like, David tepper. I couldn't fire him Matt rule. I couldn't fire myself, but I could change the order of what we were doing. And I could bring back schrager for the actual $1 million picks. I tried to get fancy this year, have the two guests have them leave. I take a little extra time, then I do a solo where I do all the picks with them as my conciliators. That's out. I fired myself after 5 weeks. We were going back to me and schrager, and then me doing the million dollar picks after we've already talked about all the games. And then us running the video where he's basically nodding euphorically and saying, let's go a couple times. We're back. It's the only formula that's worked. It's going to happen. So lack next schrager dead house first Pearl Jam. All right, the wringers, Benjamin solak is here. He wrote about the packers this week and why some of their stuff might not be fixed, but I thought we'd start there because I was feeling like reading your piece. That you felt it would be

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