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Street this morning and determined that a truck had struck them and knocked him to the ground. No injuries reported. The driver Tommy far from North Carolina has been charged with leaving the scene and causing property damage. Well, a popular dodge pickup truck is now being recalled ABC's. Brian Clark has details. Nearly one hundred eighty thousand ram fifteen hundred pickup trucks are being recalled by Fiat Chrysler. The automaker says a manufacturing defect could disable the trucks power steering. One. Third of those trucks off from the twenty nine thousand nineteen model year are still on dealer. Lots Fiat Chrysler says there have been no reported crashes or injuries and dealers will repair the problem at no cost to owners. An army veteran who stopped to help a stranger with a flat tire got quite a surprise. When the stranger turned out to be former secretary of State, Colin Powell, Anthony Magar was on his way to Walter Reed. Medical center on Wednesday. When he came across Powell who was also on his way to Walter Reed Powell's having trouble fixing the flat with cold hands. Magar do lost legs serving as a civilian worker in Afghanistan said he was more than happy to help out. He asked me why why what do you want to help me? And I said, well, you can wait around for a two legged guy. But right now, you've got one league guys loaned to help you right now bowel posted a selfie with Maggert onto social media that went on to get more than one hundred thousand shares four forty six on this Friday afternoon. Some two hundred people are missing in Brazil after deadly mudslide unleashed in a rural town due to a collapse damn Brazilian. Filmmaker. Yvonne, Canabrava tells us Brazil's president just returned from a trip to the World Economic Forum, and is now dealing with this disaster. President just came from Davos, and he's actually having or meeting with all the ministers trying to give support to them. Rescue teams continued to search for victims. Survivors the number of dead. Not yet known a member of Brazil's. Congress has resigned, citing death threats. We get the tails now from correspondent bills him for John wheelies Brazil's first openly, gay congressman has announced he is leaving congress because of death threats we lease who was just reelected said the climate of violence in Brazil has worsened since the election of new president boss narrow who has been critical of gays and other minorities, we says not only will lead congress. He will leave Brazil and live abroad. Top moviemakers signs on track. Life after a deadly wildfire in northern California. We get details from CBS Deborah Rodriguez. It has all.

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