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John Ross but right here on KGO now we're talking in this half hour about whether Mike pence should be done. and in fact. there is a rationale in advance. suggests the president might be better served by Nikki Haley. let's go to keep calling from Petaluma Keith welcome to KGO. yeah I was just going to say if it isn't broke don't fix it why would you change. you know it's a good question because evidently and this is what I'm reading there are tensions between Donald Trump and Mike pence that evidently are stronger than we thought but I'm gonna I'm gonna go on with you and say I don't think the president is gonna drop Mike pence I think would be a disaster if you did it well maybe Mike pence you know I'm I'm a chopper for sure but maybe I can just set up with a lot of the crap that he isn't getting involved in being a ghost like that previous caller said that with the greatest way to he just doesn't get in he just disappears you know he's invisible which is perfect because he is the check and balance for what what needs to happen I think but anyway well I know well no no but it's an interesting speculation and we'll have to see how it all shakes out right maybe it's just doesn't want to be part of it anymore it only ends you know everything I know about Mike pence I and were ordering the new book on him and I have another book that came out several months ago and will do a lot of discussion about pence he wants to be president of the United States so the question becomes for him the same situation with Dick Nixon at fifty six Eisenhower suggested in Nixon you're better off going into the cabinet and get some real executive experience but Nixon understood that if he did that and he was offered any job except secretary of state all that Nixon would have been demoted and and it would have been viewed as a motion and so. hence his point of view another four years as vice president or even being Donald trump's vice president and losing the election. would set him up as a candidate for the two thousand twenty four sure alright listen I appreciate the call rob from Richmond who is a trump is does you know emails John replacing parents makes no sense he's been boils V. P. ever on the other hand Nikki. grand would sway some feminists clever. six planes trump to wondering world. into normalcy nearly a cold decision soberly made whatever helps trump win is the V. P. pick clearly. and all I can tell you is that the it's an interesting speculation. to dump a vice president has implications. because if ice president has a following within the party. that's why Eisenhower kept Nixon. well I want to move on from this if I can because I want to pick up on something we talked about last night. and that is that in the last half hour a president trump has announced the monies he is taking from other sources. which he would use to build the wall. our military projects I want to talk about that with you and I also want to remind you but the house Judiciary Committee starts the impeachment process. next week. and I'll tell you the Republicans are very uneasy with some of the things Donald Trump is doing particularly on the spending cuts we'll talk about that in the next half hour a right here on the John Rothman program on cagey.

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