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To have to rely on nine and seven getting you know what i'm right right what i also go beyond thinking about the playoffs in you know thing about their odds of get again could may be host the games stuff like that what this season has meant for the franchise in la and you know their ability to attract eyeballs the ability to maybe build a new fan base eu key it can't be said enough because last year to be honest they were unwatchable they were a bad product to watch i watch and well bed you know you've it was just really it was really hard though in watching them but them putting themselves in a position where they don't just win now they're entertaining they are there is fun to watch as any team in la at a time where all of a sudden there are a lot of good teams in la and there are a lot of interesting teams mileva dodgers were one game away from winning the world series us sees a good team the lakers in a really interesting place the clippers earn an interesting cross roads there's competition for eyeballs and there's a second nfl team in la this was a time that the that the rams needed to become good thing i needed to become entertaining and now did there are team you want to watch two points on that i think your spot on and as good as the rams have been in this threegame stretch they were playing on the east coast or beyond in all three of them they have not delivered their best product in front of the audience that matters most which is the ones who are willing to drive and commit time and money to see them in person so i want them to deliver at the coliseum the way they have on the route washington game that we lost.

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