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Very efficiently done. Spangled banner. Mirror tight starting lineups in goal for the penguins is Casey Smith. He's on one against the Blackhawks in his career. That was the game back at the United Center. Backing them up the December at defensive Brian Dumoulin and Chris LA Tang from left to right, Jake Gansel starts at left wing Brian rust excuse me, Sidney Crosby will center the penguins opening line, and Brian Russell will start at the right wing. We'd been joined in the booth by the way by some greatness here hall of Famer Eddie Johnston. Former Blackhawks head coach EJ great to see you for the Blackhawks starting goal Cam ward in his career against the penguins. Eighteen twelve and four with one shutout at the or Connor Murphy and Carl dalstrom front from left to right. Chris Kunitz starts up left wing, the former penguin great tribute. I think by Jeremy Colloton to start Chris Kunitz in his game centering the hawks opening line. Jonathan starting at the right wing, Brandon Saad referees tonight, or Dan O'Halloran, and Brad Meier. The line's been Pierre rascal and Andrew Smith night's opening faceoff. Sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com. Your local Chevy dealer gives you the edge with the big fix lease more shutting for less money. Ask about Chevy's Vic fix lease underway here in steel town Jonathan as racing down the right wing into the Pittsburgh zone. Got away a backhand shot and that toppled through the crease and wide here at the hawk blue line, Brandon. Saad takes the puck back later rank white pass as over the penguin line to the right wing half work holding from. Pounds on the Smith down with a butterfly save in behind the net. Prostes got the puck the homerun password. Brian rushed to the hawk blue line off his stick into the right lane corner. And then Russ fell down lost the puck dalstrom pokes Czechs the left wing to koonig pass across the rink Connor Murphy and another path up the right lane. Kane at Senate race descended across the rink to Dylan Strom will turn and flip it off the left wing boards and down in behind the penguin. Nests? Got Johnson there to get an escape and he's run into the far corner boards by Patrick gang thrown behind the net with the puck private picked off by Yevgeny Malkin, the Jack Johnson along the left boards. He made a pass ahead that was intended for Dominic synon-, but it's over stick and down and we get icing here against the penguins one zero four into the hockey game here in Pittsburgh. We have no score. Every goal and assist by Jonathan taste and Patrick Kane. Sponsored by chevydrivechicago dot com. Log on right now or check out the all wheel drive Chevy equinox. It's built for Chicago winters. Hawks. Gotta do a much better job in the faceoff circle than they did against the New York Islanders. They lost sixty six percent of the draws in that game. Maybe the percentage doesn't mean a whole lot. But that is very one sided you don't see those numbers very often the penguins, by the way, we mentioned the game they had against Winnipeg. They came out on the short end of the draws getting Malkin was particularly bad for thirteen. And all I could think of was he must have been going up against Adam Lowry all night, but talking to the Pittsburgh guys. There were a number of. Winnipeg Centerman facing off against the Lakers said he's just not great on draws unless you really bear down. Here's this past now on a great circle hawk zone off the stick of Baruch retardness. And now Alex debrincat behind the hawk net grip to the puck penguins. Get it. There's still pestle bottle of the right circle. Ferret out to the left point. The only motto. He's spun the puck down the boards debrincat tried to clear it out the line by the penguin Kanter. Pearson spends it off the left wing boards and down in behind the hawk net. Derek for start and Duncan Keith do battle back there. And the puck is kicked off of Keith state out beside the crease Cam ward will plop on the puck and hold it. We get a whistle staffing. Play. No score. Talked about was keeping it clean in your own end of the ice debris with a couple of opportunities to get out of his own. Didn't turn all of a sudden you're scrambling. And this is a good team that can put the puck in the net. They've got great balance on all three lines Crosby Malkin, Phil kessel playing a different line. So the Blackhawks gotta make sure that that puck management is much better. Now from the hawk zone. Brandon Davidson makes a pass up the left wing great. Could you make the Blackhawks debut racing down into the penguins works the puck free and the right wing corner gotta tear acquired the side of the pink. When that as you heard Chris Kunitz behind the penguin net. Tried to gather in the puck and center it picked off by the pens rushed the centre-right lose it in the hawk line left wing side. And the puck is fired by Gansel this deflects up into the protective netting and out of play shall we get another whistle and another face off will be in the circle to the right of Cam ward. No score scoring the game. Brandon Davidson seven games this season one assists last game. You heard Chris and the pre-game show November twelfth against the Carolina Hurricanes. His last goal. Maybe this is a little good nugget. His last goal was last year in March against the Pittsburgh Penguins here in Pittsburgh was he a member of the islanders at that time. Inside the pain the hawk zone. Fat bottomed. Wide open winning shot. Over the end of the corner. Nothing. The season Patrick horn. Nashville predators. Just the guy that's tough to play against the front of the net. The penguins one this faced off they moved it around good cycle. Little bit soft in the high slot area. That's gotta be covered up a little bit more. There's no danger front of the net. Jonathan taste got to find a little bit more space out towards horn quiz. Can't allow that shot from their perfect shot up into the top corner. Quest from Malkin at forty three of period number one as we rejoin the play in the hawk zone, far corner. Dolphin went to get the puck checked by Riley Sheahan of the penguins. Connor Murphy on the scene as well. Zac aspen. Raced puck is taken away by paves moved up the right side that he'll flip it across the rink on the left wing at center ice. Jack Johnson knocked it down ice in the hawk zone pays back. The passing. Paint down behind the net around to the side of the penguins fell down underneath Jonathan tames against the boards. Spun in behind the net by Sidney Crosby to Chris Tang. He made a pass ahead. The all the way down the race was won by Duncan Keith. And I mean just barely icing against the penguins. One nothing, Pittsburgh, whatever the Blackhawks returned to full strength after a penalty. It is sponsored by northwestern medicine orthopedics on a relentless pursuit a better medicine. This reminder that Chicago Blackhawks hockey is sponsored by PPG paints. The official paint of the NHL from the draw circle to the left of Casey dismissed the penguins control Ashton Reese carrying up the right side the center ice short little hawk blue line back hands the puck along the boards hawk zone. Duncan Keith back to get an between the circles pass ahead to center ice. Patrick. Kane leaves for Keith over the center, ice circle. They'll take the puck and Chris back to the hawk blue line with it. Hold the puck for a moment. Backing down the circle people move it over to gusts along the right board. Patrick kane. Kane over the thing down to the right corner. Back through the slot. This deflects off escape of gusts us into the near corner. Rothwell flip it off the boards and down ice into the hawk zone to the right wing Crosby's got it during the off pick it off. But lofted at the line two Brian do one of the pens the Jake. Walker right point that fit into the right wing corner to Brian rust, hang right point fire. Stop. Scoring. I period. Pittsburgh penguins. Nothing weird. And the penguins capitalize. Again. Look at face offs. I said you gotta do better job. The first goal. Direct result of allies face off this one man park management and other teams. Just try to throw it up the middle of the ice picked off by the Pittsburgh Penguins and ends up in the back of your net. You cannot make those mistakes against his team. They are too good there. Too dangerous. Blackhawks find themselves in an early hole here on the goal by get so signed a five-year extension worth thirty million dollars getting team goals on the season. From look at four thirty three of period number one to nothing in favor of the penguins. Here's debrincat hawk blue line on the left wing side. Spins the puck across the right wing boards. Brandon Davidson they're passing on the left wing side. Just inside the hawk drive receiver in past the break it at center ice deflects it down in behind the penguin net. Wheel it around the per, right? Tried to fill castle. Quite past monitor the hawk blue line. He deflected down ice into the hawk zone Murphy's from behind the net up the left wing, David Campese center ice. He lost the puck at the penguin line is Simone head to horn quest to the hawk blue line on the right wing. He then lost the puck hawk Brendan per Leany. Chip it off the boards. Just inside the penguin blue line. Johnson pass ahead to Simone hawk line left wing. You'll fire the puck down the boards in behind the net worth stopping it back there for dalstrom who banks a pass up the right side, the Kruger at center ice, but it's passed is sticking down and it slides in on Casey dismiss and he alertly plops on it in the penguin priests. Fourteen thirteen left in period, number one. It's to nothing penguin, Chicago. Blackhawks hockey is sponsored by the Gary Lang auto group, and it doesn't say Gary laying on the back to probably paid too much. Gotcha. Got their work cut out for him here down by a deuce thoroughly in this game. Face after web ten side. And the hawks get the puck off the draw Keith at the left point crossing the right wing corner. Marcus Paterson battling over there with Marcus Ferber thing was come out with a puck at center, right? Foreign quest a Malkin hawk line. Don't want Chris over the line to the right circle. But gore shot missed the net lines up the far board brutal handed ahead to keep at center ice to Chris Kunitz over the penguins blueline rolled off the end of his stick way Malkin took it quick. Pass ahead. This alone crossing the hawk line left wing. Lost the puck down to the corner. Pittsburgh native and hawk player. Brandon Saad got it willing to center ice on the left wing and over the Pittsburgh line. Snapped off a shot deflected off the back of the neck. Saad worked at free to as right corner. He'll wind it out to the right point to whom let it go. Seabrook was not near the right point and the puck flows out the center ice. Seabrook. Back to get it move at the Davidson hawk line. Seabrook at center ice. He'll fire it off the right down behind the net around to the left white good keeping their by Davidson. But he tried to put it across the rink Riley. Sheahan picks off the puck moving ahead. Matt blueline doubling back a nice play by Dominic to strip. The puck away from shea Han and bat it down into the penguins zone thing went to get it back and regroup. One of the new penguin defenseman. You saw Rick. Then it over to his countrymen ill spineta head down into the hawk zone offered affliction. Connor murphy's. Got the puck there. The Dylan strong crossing the penguin blue line. We get a whistle. Hawks come across off side on this way with twelve forty nine left in period number one here in Pittsburgh Penguins. Lead it to nothing after this. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN. Hello, it is I I'm kings today. I speak on behalf of bud lights and the most sacred traditions the tailgate in my days, collegiate Leach, I hosted the very first tailgate in you're on woods. We didn't have coolers sports, basically, just in the woods. But we had Bud Light..

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