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Everyone Jimbo Han in show Michael Harrison is frequent guests with jamming with me and Philadelphia DOM Giordano sitting in for Jim bohannon The editor and publisher of talkers magazine among other things but he has a wide scope of interests that sort of platform through talk radio into all kinds of things and we're near the end of the year at least any shows I'll be doing for Jim So Michael's witness tonight to talk about some of the biggest stories that filled her through in most talked about people and talk radio But beyond that the major trends and transitions that may be taking place now headed into the future Michael welcome back to the Jim bohannon show Oh it's great to be with you Tom Thank you for having me on And I was thinking as you were talking that one of the wonderful things about talk radio and especially for guys like you and me and Jim who've been in it for a very long time and are still on the leading edge but have great roots in its heritage Is that talk radio offers its participants and its listeners the opportunity to talk about everything Because everything's connected And one of the things with inexperienced talk show hosts is when you're on three hours a day four hours a day 5 days a week You start to weird thin if you don't have a lot of life experience and interests beyond just the talking points of the day Exactly And people from the outside they may hear a few hosts who are centered in just politics politics politics every decimal and symbol But for a long time you've talked about other aspects of this but let's first start with the biggest stories through talk radio then talk about some of the things that are coming up at the end of this year I would say the passing of Rush Limbaugh is probably the biggest story but what do you say this year Well it's certainly the number one story is COVID And it was the number one story last year And it might be the number one story next year And COVID is an era It's not just a year It's not just a story It's an era that we're living through and we have no idea how long it's going to go But once I remember people asking me how long do you think this pandemic is going to last And I said three months four months at the most couldn't imagine that it would rip through our society and our times like a tornado And just change everything I mean so many changes and it became politicized So it had a double whammy on the radio as a story The other story obviously is the aftermath of the election The new Biden administration and the economy during the age of the pandemic So the economy has been a gigantic stories matter of fact this week the economy is being talked about even more than COVID The whole mansion thing and the build back better vote or non vote crazy stuff And then of course there's just the partisan politics January 6 That and the investigation And Donald Trump looms over the year as a major political figure even though he's out of office Haven't seen that in a presidency not in my lifetime where the outgoing president remained like the leader of the opposition and I guess Stevenson was that way in the 50s but hardly hardly like Trump And so it's been a very very interesting time for politics for the health situation And the technology that has come out of the pandemic really is catapulting us into the future Well talk show host though at least the ones I talk with that I like they're looking for and I know I'm looking for and I know in your role you're looking to for stories that are not just COVID every day or Trump or related to that that break through are there any things that have any legs or are they We just have to keep scouring for these interesting things that I mean I did a thing Michael recently on national monuments here on the bohannon show The last time I was on not this week about who our national monuments too and people I got more emails on that because they were trying to get some of the lesser ones in the top ten of who we put monuments up to Stuff like that just intrigues me the flow and where does it go What have you found this year And you do a show the rap each week in which you take a look at the big issues of the week But we're looking for these things that just engage all of us and this community of talk radio not just the talking point stuff Yeah in other words the crime and the violence the race relations the immigration issue of the climate change How social media is destroying our minds We have no security no privacy and then of course there's China and Russia and North Korea How is that China China I like talking about though for the reason is I think talk radio is one of the forces that gets it how severe of a challenge China is and you don't hear that in the rest of the media often enough I think you're right You don't hear it often enough But I think that's changing I think that over the past three years that we've been tracking this remember I tracked the subjects the way billboard magazine tracks the record hits That's right And China is definitely in the forefront now because people are worried about what China is going to mean to their economics their personal per strings they're worried about what China means to the privacy issue because of their surveillance They're worried about the militarism of China that still is a problem although we're entering an era where cyber war will replace military war I think that that's one of the major changes that we have to get used to happening I mean it's like we don't think that way We still think in terms of bombing and soldiers shooting each other and we've certainly seen enough of that in the Middle East But the fact of the matter is in terms of our relationship with China it's all about artificial intelligence It's all about cyber war It's all about the Internet And spying And controlling things Because if you control artificial intelligence and you control the digital era well you can have a whole army that's coming against you suddenly going to complete this right without a doubt And that brings me to one of your interests and what you do every day and your own personal interest involves technologies social media moving forward What's some of the major trends at the end of the year you see bleeding into 2022 or beyond I think that the James Webb.

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