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And it is something we are very bad dealing with an politics and that can't just be wished away so is this a very good michael hill to call him he's a columnist the la times about the the single payer plan and he talks a john gruber that john gruber who is involved in obamacare and then became briefly infamous for weird things he said about obamacare to synagogue but these very smart healthcare economist and he makes his point that it is very hard in politics to take implicit spending and moved explicit spending now should you do it you absolutely shut like implicit spending in general implicit taxation is bad like that is not good the way we do it we are spending all of this money and completely crazy inefficient ways that people don't know what is even being spent they cannot see the cost of their healthcare they do not feel it's there is not reasonable pressure to change the cost like it the whole thing is fucking crazy the reason it has been so difficult to change though is by fracturing healthcare financing into these weird sort of pockets of the system samba gets paid by the employer summit gets paid by the employees summit gets put into a tax breaks was paid by taxpayers i mean it's all over everywhere any effort to childlike paul it together shocks people right it's so big and they're not the they are feeling it but the way they're feeling it is who wages they never god the way their feeling it is who attacks increase the didn't know came because of that the way they're feeling it is by spending being cut on programs that would have helped them but are not there anymore so they don't feel the difference and so.

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