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They did it at home and did it against Green Bay. They got the disco ball out celebrating at at the end of the game. So this then this is the game. I look at ensure Chicago wants the game. They why they want the game. They'd like to move up a seat if they could they want it. They don't need it. And I think the fact that they don't need it is the reason that I'm going to take a team that playing pretty well right down the forty Niners. Plus the four first of all you got the plus four and you did the right. Thing. So sometimes you have to look at a number and go, oh, I could have had four and a half. Yeah. But the thing is is you did the right thing betting upfront. You given the smart money is gonna come in on San Francisco on this play and the line may end up down at three and a half by Sunday. But but you what you what you've done by taking a four instead of a four and a half is all you've cost yourself as a possible tie. Yeah. But you haven't cost yourself a wager. You don't you can't lose it off that line. Moves. It lands on for you pushed now the four and a half would have won. But to to make money bottom line after a whole season. You wanna make sure your void the bad spots as much as you. You you capture the good one. So in this case buying the four if you like the forty Niners was the right thing to do even if it doesn't look like it's the right spread right now because it was better to guard against going from three and a half or four point final could've cost you a win versus a loss as opposed to going to four and a half. It's can only cost you a win versus a tie true. So so that's all good now. As far as the forty Niners are concerned. How did we get in these spots? They're gonna do it. Again. Are they gonna close out the season with four straight wins? If they do like last year when they closed with five straight wins. They'll they'll have a bad season again next year, the overvalued again. Well, we're valued. And and we set the beginning of this year. They couldn't win more than six games because they won six games last year, and they won their last five games. And they didn't go to the playoffs. And the formulas is a team that wins three or more games to close out of season and doesn't make the playoffs will win less games than they won that season the next year and the forty Niners here, they are they're doing it. And if they win four again, and they go out, and and they catch the bear is the perfect time. You know, they they caught Seattle at a perfect time coming off a big win and Kansas City the next week after they'd lost forty three to sixteen boom. They caught him. You know, they they caught Denver at a perfect time second week out on the road beating the Cincinnati the week before and canine thinking, hey, we're going. The playoffs. Whoops that didn't work. And now they catch the bears on the other side of them having the you know, as you say the disco ball out in the in the locker room with a rookie head coach that and not only the bears win the NFC north division this year. This is after five straight four straight years of being in last place. So the bears, you know, it's one of those things that you know, that they'll be saying on the plane coming in and save some of that champagne for after the game. Talking to Dennis Ryan Hamilton some NFL picks. The end of the year is kind of kind of tricky because it's almost like college ball games where you gotta decide that you've kind of talked about here is who's motivated who needs it more who's packed in. And I I know maybe for as much as you like the chargers, you have not liked the raiders all year long. But this could be their final game in Oakland. Denver the last couple of weeks is not look good. I think they've quit on Vance. Joseph and their three point favorites going into Oakland. What do you think? Well, I heard you earlier, and your rationale is so flawed. It's embarrassing. It sounds like harmony. That's right. She's wonderful. Wonderful. The problem here. If winning the last game in Oakland was a ticket home then in nineteen eighty one. They would have beaten the Chicago Bears in their last game in Oakland before they moved to Los Angeles. And they got beat twenty three to six as a favorite. And so I don't think that's the ticket. And where are they gonna play next year? Do do you have the inside track or whether they're gonna play next year? They're talking AT and T park where the giants. It's crazy. I really don't know what a minute. Let me give it say. The Oakland Raiders are playing San Francisco and the San Francisco for now. And the cats are playing New Jersey, you know, who's playing where they're supposed to be. I don't know nobody that can happen that you can't go AT and T. That's that's just such a bad idea. I agree. That's a bad idea. You just can't lose gotta I it's just it's it's appalling to me that that would be the consideration. You know, I think that, you know, close to me out here as DVD's open. That's a that's a little St.. That might work for him that by the way might I don't know who's going to the games next year. No, no that you know. And and didn't Mark Davis offered a return any season ticket money for people that didn't want to go the games. I don't think he's gonna repeat that offer this year. Now, probably not. Not lose a ton. So would you take the Broncos there? Yeah. So I don't want the Broncos anybody. I don't want the Broncos either just saying, it's bad rationale. You know that they're gonna they're gonna play one for the Oakland fans and do. Well, I don't think it's a factor. So no play then. No. Bad teams. See I am I school John to his his. Nothing nothing. We gotta run gotta ask you this one. Because I I like I like the Texans over the the eagles. I think everyone is getting caught up into the foles magic. And here they come. And I think the eagles the Rams lost that game on Monday more than the eagles won that game. If that makes any sense to Danny, buddy. And the Texans have finally won me over. I mean, I I was hesitant because they're a team that seems to have a going on. And they don't it's going to be their season. Then it's not here. They come. They don't but they've been playing really well Watson's playing well Hopkins the best wide receiver in football, at least one of the handful. Best defense is playing well, and I just people are getting caught up in the whole eagles. Oh, they did last year. They're going to do it again. They're not gonna do it again. I don't think they're going to do it again. I think the Texans are are pretty good football team. And they don't have to win. But I'm I'm sure they would like to have a by and not have to go to FOX round to if they make it that far. Yeah. Let's let's all get together. The last place. Lightning struck and say right here right here. This is where it's going to happen again. I'm sure I feel it. You know, it's not going to happen for the eagles. There's no there's no second lightning struck here. As you pointed out Tom didn't win last Sunday night. The Rams lost it the Ramjet caught in that that trap of. Easy wins supposedly coming off a loss. That's a whole. And now you've got a team. That's one of the last eleven games. They're ten and four on the season. They got a shot to wrap up one of the opening week buys and and last year was Philadelphia Adelphia's year. This year is Houston's here and Philadelphia is going to be favored seven and seventeen at home is going to be favored over a team. That's one of the last eleven now, this is where you look at it spread and go. Well, what's driving that? Well, it's the public because not only are the eagles favor. They opened a two and a half points. The line went down to one and a half in some spots. Even while the public is betting on Filadelfia, which means smart money's on on on Houston before. I love this place. This will be a play on Sunday in Houston, Texas. We'll be a play for us on Sunday. And it will be a play for me on Saturday. Maybe a play for me on Friday. It was a flavor me on Tuesday. Very good. Very good. Hey, man, it's been so much fun. We're going to be off the next week or two. So we'll catch up with you. As we start gearing up for the NFL playoffs, but have a very very merry Christmas. Happy new year and enjoy the enjoy the family outing all that back to you guys too. Thanks so much for the whole season. I sure have enjoyed it. I dennis. I know you're going to be on the next couple of Friday's, but we won't be here. So we'll talk to you. Somebody has to work. Exactly, what talk to you. And a couple of weeks. There you go. Dennis and our good friend who joins us every Friday, talk NFL picks up football dot com. 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