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Only $88 School on Savon at Staples in store only offer 15 supplies Last limit to staples at your traffic. I'm Tony Jordan went valentine in the morning on weather for three. My Damn right, Tony. Thanks very much. The weather today Clear Sunny this afternoon Temps mid eighties upper nineties mid seventies near the beaches. 63 in Highland Park, 67. Wait a park. Jill has got the Hollywood headlines coming up the first week numbers Aaron for Taylor Swift's new surprise album, and of course, it broke a record. I'll tell you Who's at 7 50 Anthony Good morning. How are you doing today? Brother? Good morning. How much is so we're doing? All right. What's your excuse for not working out? What you got, man? I am already happily married. She loved me. For better or worse, Anthony, I'm happy for you that you know you're in a great relationship. That's that's wonderful, but it's not the reason to work out. Not just, you know, to look good or turning people on. You've got to take care of yourself, Man. It's about your health. That's true. Yes, true have won him over. Come on, say something. You know what if I go work out? That's more time away from my wife. And I want every minute to the next beautiful woman that I love so much Exactly. There you go. There you go. I've won them back now. No. Nobody thinks that you know a little me time. You know yourself to be the best version of yourself to take care of that wonderful wife of yours. This is the version of myself that she chose. This is a version that she likes doesn't want me to change into something else that I'm not. Agreed. You don't have to turn into, you know. Hey, man, you just need Teo. That's the part that takes way We get the heart rate up every once in a while. You know what I mean, Anthony. Exactly, And that's like that's a circuit training right there to exactly much working out. Could be a bad thing off, right? Oh, that's right, Anthony. Thank you. But that's.

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