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Be sixty five south bound near malfunction junction twenty fifty nine got issues with youth or high school sports positive coaching alliance can help PCA and national nonprofit offers more than a thousand free online resources for youth and high school sports coaches parents students and administrators visit PC eight dead zone dot org this report is sponsored by compassion international your forecast update for today we'll see some sunshine this afternoon warm temperatures eighty seven degrees all voted out of sixty six and the operating lease on Saturday and we're gonna be looking at more sunshine over the next several days only a small chance of rain on Sunday looks like temperatures by Sunday afternoon around IT on your side WBRC first alert chief meteorologist J. P. dice on newsradio one oh five five W. E. R. C. right now it's eighty three degrees at Birmingham's news traffic and weather station newsradio one oh five five W. we are C. right now there's a child living in extreme poverty with no future and no hope but you can bring hope when you become a compassion international sponsor just text the word child two eight three three nine three and sponsor a child right now governor Ivey's plan to build new prisons is moving forward two groups submitting proposals those plans will be evaluated confidentially in the coming weeks I'll be so she's confident the plan will improve our state's infrastructure authorities trying to find a missing man from he wi tung Anthony Clark described as sixty nine years old black it was last seen wearing a plaid jacket you may be suffering from a condition that impairs his judgement anyone with information is asked to call he we telling police and if you have the corona virus and recovered you a B. health officials are looking for you doctors need you to donate blood plasma so your antibodies can help others recover you A. B. says three patients have already been successfully treated using convalescent plasma therapy.

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