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Rainier Valley Midwives Center in South Seattle before launching into a scorching criticism of Republican tactics during the death ceiling drama. Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun spoke next, saying the U .S. government must become fiscally healthy and it needs to live within its means like households do, like local and state governments do. The debt ceiling bill passed the full Senate 63 36 Corwin Haake, Northwest News Radio. State tribal leaders say they should be exempt from new climate laws that are driving up fuel prices. Governor Jay Inslee's response to that did not go over well this week during a meeting of 12 tribal officials. Here's Northwest News Radio's Carleen Johnson. Seattle Times supports Tom Wooten, chair of the Samish Nation, said they're making no inroads with the governor and may turn to the Legislature when the new climate change laws took effect first of this year. Laura Watson with the Department of Ecology said the clean fuel standard would add about a penny per gallon. And then the impact from the App Invest and program will be about maybe up to 1%. So very minimal. But actual the difference between Washington's average price and the national average is grown by about 50 cents a gallon according to AAA. Nationwide average today, 356 a gallon, 471 here in Washington. Wooten, the Samish chair, said when they lobbied for the legislation, they had no idea how big of an impact there would be on fuel prices. Carleen Johnson, Northwest News Radio. The state ferry system wants to boost fares pay to for new boats. Some officials are halfway through a series of public meetings to talk about that issue. The latest was held over Zoom last night. The Edmonds to Kingston route is getting more and more crowded. Kelson Newsom tells KOMO4 he's a regular passenger on route. that That's a lot more cars, but you just have to get earlier and make sure you have a spot available for you. There are three proposals to boost fares for routes. all You can weigh in before ferry officials bring the final proposal to the Washington State Transportation Commission June 21st. Just go to the commission's website. Just a quick traffic heads up before we get to Kiara. Be ready for delays this weekend along Northbound 405 at least two northbound lanes will be closed between Coal Creek Parkway and Northeast 6th from 10 tonight o 'clock all the way through 5 o 'clock Monday morning. And that brings us to Northwest traffic every 10 minutes and right to Kiara Jordan in the High Performance Homes Traffic Center. Well we are working with a couple of issues right now including an encampment fire and with this in Seattle the northbound I -5 off ramp to James is going to be partially blocked also some overnight road work that is still taking place in Everett Northbound 5 I it begins right around 40 first and eventually we're going to be down to just one left lane able to get through so that is why you are crowding through that stretch and I've been seeing a little bit of slowing right now on the southbound 99 right as it transitions to a 599 I'm not hearing of anything in the area was just a brief slow down and a heads up our next Northwest traffic at 514 and let's take a look at your forecast going to catch up with homophores Kristen Clark sponsored by Northwest Crawl Space Services we are entering into some of the warmest and driest months out of the entire year and going forward we don't have any significant rain in the forecast between now next and week

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