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News on the Rapidly expanding and growing automotive industry. And to do that, every week. We are honored to have Special correspondent Robert Erskine. Oh, well, we have technical difficulties with Robert Erskine. So docked in England will have two will have to struggle along by ourselves for a moment. Well, we get we've lived this long without England. We can we can Hopefully, we'll make it through. Um there. Do you have any? I do You know what Robert's gonna be? Ah, I know he likes to reveal Yes, I don't want you don't want to be on a secret step on his review. But it's It's very interesting. It's another one of his very interesting British companies have been doing a lot of innovation in the automotive industry. Yeah, I mean the the peace that they did. With Lars Laura's costume. Yes, about the battery factory was I've gotten a lot of feedback from that. It's really It's pretty pretty amazing What there. What they're doing, and it's great that we have the opportunity to bring some of the reports directly to the U. S. Um so that we stay informed. We've got a battery factory. Um Got a battery factory in Arizona. Is it Mike? Is that the the Oh, I think they got Robert on the phone. Robert, are you with us? Okay? There we go, Robin. Get yourself off. Holden. Come join us, please, areas.

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