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The house there were numerous shots fired according to the mother and other witnesses a little boy jomar quinn is in critical condition he was shot in the head the shooter remains at large police say the homeless shot at repeatedly a week earlier somebody shot up the front of the house shattering windows and overnight the home was firebombed police are investigating a shooting apparently between vehicles on i ninety four near woodward in detroit the michigan civil rights commission meets today to deal with a controversial issue wjr's gene fogel reports the commission investigates allegations of discrimination against any person because of religion race color or national origin the issue for consideration today is whether state prohibitions against sex discrimination apply to gay and transgender residents but the commission has also dealing with conflicting viewpoints over its authority to interpret the law the commission table the issue at its november meeting and is scheduled review the matter today supporters of the move to ensure that gays and transgenders protected what the elliot larsen civil rights act which addresses discrimination in the workplace to specifically include sexual orientation and gender identity gene fogel wjr news a former city manager of troy brian kish nick is scheduled to be sentenced today it's a misdemeanor domestic violence charge here's nick had been charged with fighting with his girlfriend throwing her to the ground after the two had returned from a dinner he denied that charge you said the woman had become upset and he was just trying to calm her down when they both fell to the ground despite here denial of any wrongdoing he entered a plea of no contest new york is not one of the state where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use but many people are saying they might as well do that now that there's a new policy in towns you days after the manhattan district attorney announced that he will no longer prosecute marijuana arrests new york's mayor is poised to order the.

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